Nnamdi Kanu, Only Messiah That Can Deliver Nigeria – Prophet Warns

A prophet has revealed what God told him about Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra.
According to Prophet Emeka Onu of the Land of Solution Prophetic Ministry, Benin City, Edo State, Kanu is the only one person that can deliver Nigeria.
The man of God made the revelation in a statement on Wednesday.
According to him, but for the fact that now-detained Kanu only wants Biafra, he would have been the best bet to take Nigeria out of the woods.
The group diaspora-based Kanu leads, IPOB, is an outlawed group in Nigeria.
“If there is one person that can be able to deliver or coordinate Nigeria, that person is Nnamdi Kanu. But I know Kanu doesn’t need anything from Nigerian Government other than Biafra,” Onu said.
“So the only thing Nnamdi Kanu need is nothing but Biafra. If not, Kanu would have been the real messiah that would have delivered and balanced everything about Nigeria. But Kanu does not want it because his real and major interest is on Biafra.
“And don’t forget, you can force a horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink water. Since he (Kanu) said this is what he needs, I will advise the government to do the needful.
“If they cannot let Biafra go [sic], then they should solve the problem that is making Biafrans agitate on leaving the country or separating.”