VIDEO: Korra Obidi’s Estranged Husband, Justin Speaks On Getting Married Again Amid Marital Crisis

Justin Dean, the estranged husband of dancer Korra Obidi, has set the record straight on getting married again amid the marital crisis currently ravaging his home.

It is no longer news that things went sour in the once beautiful union a few days after they welcomed their second child as Mr Justin took to social media to announce their plan to split.

Subsequent dramas in line with the scandal have also surfaced on social media with the latest being the Doctor accusing Korra of filing a restraining order against him, preventing him from seeing their kids.

In a Facebook question and answer session on Wednesday, The father of two replied a fan who asked if he will ever get a married again.

His response;

Will I be getting married again? I don’t know. I feel like marriage changes people, think about it, before you get married you’re sort of on your best behaviour, because there’s consequences, because you can break up easily.

“And then when you get married, there’s family, there’s cultural expectations, there’s religious expectations and it kind of makes you be in your worse behaviour, it shows the worse parts of you, instead of your best behaviour so I don’t know if l’ll ever get married again, I don’t think so,” he said.