18-Year-Old Girl Reportedly Takes Her Life After Being Assaulted By Family Friend

An unnamed teenage girl has reportedly committed suicide after discovering that she was expecting a child.

Reports gathered that the 18 year old was assaulted by a family friend who lived in their compound.

The cousin of the deceased narrated on Twitter that the victim took her own life because her family members were forcing her to keep the child.

They, on their discovery locked her in a room, trying to prevent her from getting an abortion.

She tweeted;

“My 18 yr old cousin took her own life last night. In the email she sent to some of us she said she was r*ped by a family friend her parents let stay at their house, they didn’t call the police they let him leave. When they found out she was pregnant they locked her in the house.

They were going to force her to have her r*pists baby instead of getting her justice, therapy and taking her to an ab0rtion clinic. All I know is I’m fighting all of them at the funeral. They’re lying to the rest of the family but I’m exposing all of them. I am not okay.”

The unnamed Twitter user is a micro blogger who spreads awareness internationally on murders and abuses of black women and girls.