Amosun Officially Declares For President, Vows To Harness Nigeria’s Potentials

Amosun Officially Declares For President, Vows To Harness Nigeria’s Potentials

Ibikunle Amosun, the former governor of Ogun State, announced his candidacy for President in 2023 on Thursday.

He made the announcement during a televised event in Abuja.

Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi attended the declaration event.

Senator Amosun proposed an eight-point agenda that, if elected, is projected to change Nigeria’s fortunes.

“The two pillars of the agenda that I will elaborate in the weeks ahead are national security and economic development,” he said. “Upon these two pillars, we will create a national architecture for human flourishing that is unprecedented in our national history.

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“Based on these two pillars, we will erect a national agenda which, apart from national security and economic development, will include healthcare, education agriculture and food security, infrastructural rural and urban development, technology, innovation and digital economy, and nation building.

“Guided by the unprecedented investment in human security, the integration of the eight areas of this carefully planned agenda for national reawakening will, within four years, unleash unparalleled human resource that will make Nigeria proud of their motherland.

“It bears repeating that Nigeria has the required manpower, both at home and abroad to accomplish this agenda. Under my leadership, we will mobilise Nigeria’s immense human and natural resouces to rebuild our education sector, healthcare, infrastructure, including electricity, roads and water supply.”