“I’m Still In Love With My Ex Girlfriend” – Married Man Cries Out

A man identified as Adewale Omooba has taken to Twitter to reveal that he is still very much in love with his ex girlfriend, despite being married.

Sharing his story, Adewala also claimed that his wife is aware of the strong feelings he has towards his ex.

In his words:

“I’m still very much in love with the last babe I dated before marrying my wife. It should have been her but her mother was vehemently against her marrying outside catholic. She’s everything I ever wanted that my wife isn’t.

My wife knows this, I’ve told her severally to her face hoping she’d try to be better in the very many little little things for which I prefer my ex over her.”


  1. Old boy try to work on your marriage because if you continue to dwell in your past with you ex things will not work out and at the end you will have a broken home. I will appeal to parents to try to understand their children when it comes to marriage. When you want your child to dance to your tune, at times it becomes and dance of regrets Let us see Jesus Christ in people and certainly not doctrine because on the day of accountability doctrine will not speak
    for us but our work and walk with the Lord.