Nkechi Blessing Sunday Reacts After Ex-Lover Accused Her Of Wearing Underwear For 3 Days

Nkechi Blessing Sunday
Nkechi Blessing Sunday

Nkechi Blessing, actress Opeyemi Falegan, Sunday’s ex-boyfriend, has claimed that she lacks personal hygiene.

Opeyemi claimed in a video that while they were dating, Nkechi wore the same pants for three days and didn’t brush her teeth. He said this in response to claims that he recently apologized to her because he desired her return.
He said;

I apologised for different reasons. I apologised because I wanted bygones to be bygones. Not because I want her back..for what? Do you know why I left? I left for a different reason. Personal hygiene. You have to tell a woman to change her panties in three days? You have to tell a woman to brush her teeth in the morning? After the whole thing everywhere is messed up…You want me to manage that? No I wouldn’t”.

Nkechi responded to his claims via her Instagram stories, calling them a “mighty lie.” She claims she doesn’t own any pants, doesn’t wear them, and has never worn them since she was 18.

Here’s what she wrote…