Chacha Eke Opens Up On Her Mental Health

Chacha Eke
Chacha Eke

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke sparks mixed reactions as she admits to having mental challenges.

Chacha Eke recently shared her issues with her mental health. The mother of four claimed that she saw a reflection of herself in the youngster who wrecked his mother’s home.

In response to the widely shared video showing the harm a youngster caused to his mother’s property in an outburst of wrath, Chacha Eke-Faani made some startling comments.

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Initial reports stated that the youngster, who is 12 years old, wrecked things in his mother’s home when his phone was taken.

Later, the mother of the boy clarified the situation. Her 15-year-old son is reportedly experiencing a mental health crisis.

Actress Chacha responded to the video by saying she “recognizes” herself in the youngster since she had carried out the same action as the boy.

She continued by saying that while experiencing a mental health crisis, she had ruined numerous objects and wrecked several properties.

She said: “I have watched the viral video of the 12 year old boy who literally wrecked his mum’s house because she siezed his phone. Here I am making this video, hoping that somehow this video will get to the mother of the boy. Contrary to the popular opinion in the comment section of the video, all I have to tell you is that your son is sick. He is mentally unstable. He has mental imbalance. I know this because I recognize myself in your son through his actions. I have wrecked household properties, equipments, damaged all sorts, different times; material and immaterial”.

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