Collapsed School Fence Kills Children In Lagos

Tragedy visited the Amukoko area of Lagos on Sunday as two children died when the fence of a school collapsed on them.

Reports say that the fence of Covenant Point Academy, located along Ajose Close in Amukoko, collapsed on Samat Saheed and a yet-to-be-identified girl who lost their lives.

The two victims, a nine-year-old and a three-year-old, were around the school when the fence suddenly collapsed and ended their lives tragically.

The Lagos State Police Spokesperson, Benjamin Hundeyin, told reporters that two suspects had been arrested in connection with the unfortunate death.

Hundeyin said, “The owner of the school and one more person have been arrested and will be transferred to the state CIID, Panti, for discreet investigation and prosecution.”

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Those around the vicinity alleged that the building has no pillars and they are just stacked blocks.

“The building was not well structured at all. There was no wiring, no pillar, and nothing to hold the building together that’s why it fell easily,” our source, who craved anonymity, said.

One of the victims is said to have been buried immediately after the incident, following Islamic rights.