Older Generation Wants Nigeria To Remain As It Is – Iretiola Doyle

Nollywood Actress Iretiola Doyle has opined that older generations are trying to frustrate the efforts of young Nigerians in changing Nigeria.

This submission came after tech expert Osaretin Victor Asemota published a tweet that suggested that older Nigerians are desperate to keep the wounds young people are trying to fix.

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He said: “Young people are trying to fix and heal a broken Nigeria. Older people and their paid hacks are desperate to keep the wounds open.”

Reacting to the tweet, Iretiola noted that her generation wants Nigeria to remain as it is.

In her own words, Iretiola tweeted: “This. Battle wey we suppose don clear tey; no. Generation next has taken up the gauntlet; support, (in any way) no. Okay, get out of the way; no. Instead na to set leg in attempt to trip them up… God no go gree.”