Audience Boo Asake At Birmingham Show For Performing Late

Nigerian singer Asake was booed and given a thumbs down by the audience at his show in Birmingham, UK on Saturday night for arriving late.

His fans expressed their disappointment with many of them taking to social media to lambast the singer for disrespecting them by coming late for his performance and giving them a short one after.

Some Twitter users who were at the show used their handles to make their displeasure known.

@senluwa_ wrote: “Asake’s Birmingham concert was the WORST concert ever. This man didn’t come out till 11 pm. There was a stampede & People were literally fainting up and down. people started leaving because of their safety. The organizers did a very dirty job.”

Another fan, with the Twitter handle, @savquain, wrote: “Asake has lost all my respect. I was rooting for him so much and loved all his music but his Birmingham show was an absolute mess from the queueing to being over an hour late to the point his team were booed, so disappointed.”