Stella Damasus Celebrates Late Husband’s 18th Remembrance (Video)

Stella Damasus, a Nollywood actress, has written a heartfelt remembrance of her late spouse, Jaiye Aboderin.

To celebrate his remembrance, she uploaded a video collage showing their adorable moments together before his demise on 4th December 2004.

She recalled how they did everything together and that they always giggled, laughed, and played games.

Stella was grateful to him for all he had taught them and for the genuine affection he had shown her.

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“It’s been 18 years since you left us. I still can’t find the words to express how I feel. Some days are good and others are hard. Oh Jay! So much has happened that I wish I could gist you at 2 am when we share our gist and laugh so hard. Sitting on the floor of our bedroom and playing games was the highlight of my day. Listening to you talk about work, our future plans, your books, our music, the girls, always made me look at you in awe. Our children turned out right JAY. Thank you for all you taught me. You made me experience what true love is supposed to be. I will never forget. My teddy bear, my lover, the husband of my youth, my gist partner and padi, my music teacher, my mentor, oh how I miss you. You will never be forgotten. There can never be another like you. Rest in peace my love. Till we meet again.”

Watch video below: