“It’s Not Like My Husband Has Babies Everywhere” – Annie Idibia Defends 2Baba’s Cheating Remarks (VIDEO)

Nollywood actress, Annie Idibia has defended her husband, the legendary singer, Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2Baba, stating that the public narrative about his alleged infidelity is wrong.

Information Nigeria reports that Annie has been the center of 2Baba’s cheating scandals and alleged affair with one of his ex-baby mama, Pero Adeniyi.

Annie had often taken to social media to rant about her dysfunctional marriage because of her husband’s infidelity and his family allegedly not being supportive of her.

Speaking on the latest season of the popular Netflix reality series “Young, Famous & African,” the mother of two emphasized that it is wrong for people to sell the narrative that her husband has children with several women.

According to her, the African Queen star only has five children with two other women besides herself.

She furthered that the notion of 2Baba fathering children indiscriminately, as some claim, is unfounded.

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“My husband has just 5 kids with only two other women besides me, so it’s not like the young man was having babies everywhere like they say, like the narrative is out there”, she said in part.

Speaking also during the second season of the show, she said “People want to believe the bad story, they want to believe the worst. They think it’s Annie they are bashing, they think it’s Innocent.

“They come and they tell me, ‘you are a disgrace to women.’ People…People are heartless.”

The actress maintained that the children her husband has outside their marriage are no mistakes while clarifying that children are blessings.



Information Nigeria had reported earlier that 2Baba stated that men are wired to cheat on the popular reality series in the presence of his wife.

He noted that a man can love his wife and still cheat on her with someone he doesn’t have feelings for, adding that men’s desires are instinctual and primarily driven by the urge for sexual gratification.

He said, “Like it or not, men are wired like that. A man will love a woman to hell, but maybe he is somewhere, and his dick would just decide something to f3ck.”