Eid-Al-Adha: Nigerians Fume At President’s Convoy After Saying ‘Sacrifices’ Must Be Made For Country’s Prosperity

A number of Nigerians have criticised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu over the large size of his convoy upon his arrival in Lagos State for the Eid al-Adha festival.

Information Nigeria reports that the President, on Wednesday, said Nigerians must make “sacrifices” for the prosperity of the country.

Speaking with reporters, after observing the Eid al-Adha prayers at Dodan Barracks prayer ground in Lagos State, the President said Allah would not burden the country with what it cannot bear.

Admonishing that Nigerians must live together with joy, without recourse to tribalism he said, “I thank Almighty Allah for keeping us in good health till today and pray to Him to grant us robust health and prosperity.

Tinubu was quoted as saying by Dele Alake, his media adviser: “May our sacrifices turn to prosperity. We have to make the sacrifices and that is clear, we have to.

“But Allah will not give you a burden that you cannot carry. He is there for us

“We must have faith in the country. Have faith in ourselves, believing that as citizens of this country, we must join hands to build the nation.

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“No religious identity, no tribal identity, let us live with one another in joy and prosperity.

“Nigeria will see peace, stability and God will grant peace to those of us at the warfront.”

Prior to his statement, on his arrival, the 81 Division of the army as well as personnel from the navy and air force mounted a guard of honour for the president.

Videos circulating online showed Tinubu being accompanied from the airport by a convoy of over 100 vehicles.

The videos however elicited reactions on social media with many criticising the president for “wasting the country’s resources”


One Uzoma Ajegbo wrote on Twitter: “And all these vehicles are being fueled by taxpayers’ money. A country where many are classified as being multidimensionally poor. Una well done.”

Mojevwe tweeted: “This is a waste of funds. I know a lot of Uber drivers who had parked their car due to the removal of fuel subsidy & at same time universities just resuming are increasing tuition fees. So, why’s the government not cutting cost?”

Elphizzy wrote, “This is too much sha I think they should cut down this convoy even we ordinary citizens don cut the number of cars we have on the road at the same time.”

“Over 100 vehicles on tinubu the place holder’s convoy. What is the cost of fueling each vehicle & allowance of those manning them? They can not make sacrifice, but they expect the already impoverished Nigerians to make sacrifice,” JerryChinge tweeted.

JolibaLive said:” President Tinubu heading to Aso Villa with a flamboyant convoy of PMS-guzzling vehicles on return from his first foreign trip. He ended petrol subsidy and asked the country to sacrifice, but when is government going to cut cost of governance?

Ekwulu lamented, “The people that are being pauperised daily and buying fuel at N550 per liter are busy defending Tinubu’s long convoy in a country that is currently using 95% of their revenues to service debts.”

“Mr. Bola Tinubu’s convoy in Lagos is another reminder that the political class is not ready to make the sacrifices which they expect from citizens. A nation that has a devastating debt burden shouldn’t be run this way. Those defending the monstrous convoy don’t wish Nigeria well,” Inibehe Effiong opined.

Naturalboifilmz queried, “What’s the essence of these outrageous convoys following just one person? Isn’t this a waste of government funds? Nah, Nigeria is dead and gone. Waste public funds.. even Putin never pull up this kind convoy. Na wa o.”