Presidential Appointment: ‘Nothing Can Be Done At Villa Without Calling Someone In Lagos’ — Dele Fulani Sues For Balance

Dele Fulani

Dele Fulani, National Coordinator Of Conference of All Progressives Congress Support Groups in the South West, has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to minimize favouring Lagos with appointments over other South Western states.

There have been accusations that 13 out of 20 appointments made by the President since his inauguration into office are either from Lagos or play a major role in Lagos politics.

Information Nigeria understands that in a Wednesday press release titled, “Dangers of Lagosizing South West”, Fulani called out the President stating that he only appoints “Lagos Boys” — politicians who have played their politics in the city of Lagos for the majority of their political career.

Fulani in a chat on Friday, with Arise News and in a bid to clarify Party members and supporters’ concerns over the allegations, emphasised the need for Tinubu, to not only spread out appointments to other parts of South West, but also to other regions and balance out his appointment method.

“What has Lagos contributed to the victory of Mr President? If the election were to be solely relied on what comes out of Lagos, I think we wouldn’t be talking about Mr. President being the president.

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“Mr. President should look out for other parts of the South West, those that have contributed to his success.

“Look at Ondo State, look at Ekiti. Look at Oyo, Ogun and Osun. It shouldn’t be Lagos alone.

“And also, the sense of entitlement of Lagos politicians doesn’t do well with us. The pressure on the president is mainly from Lagos politicians, not politicians from other parts of the South West,” he said.

Despite the president having the right to pick his own men, he said there are strategies of politics that must include consideration of public opinion and stakeholders’ opinion.

“I am a politician. We see the character of our people. We see Lagos politicians, the way they come in. Let me tell you, we can’t get anything done in the Villa without calling somebody from Lagos.

“Even to some of us in the South West, to me as an individual, even with my capacity in the party, when I want to do something in the Villa, I have to call somebody in Lagos.

“The president should spread out to other regions, even beyond South West. Because all what we are saying, look at the appointments, the evidence is there,” he added.