Niger Coup: Obidients Slam Doyin Okupe Over Support For President Tinubu

Labour Party chieftain, Doyin Okupe, has been heavily criticized online by some suspected members of a support group, identified as ‘Obidients’, due to his support for President Bola Tinubu’s proposed military invasion of the Niger Republic.

Recall that following Tinubu’s proposed military action and other penalties against the coup plotters in the Niger Republic, Okupe, in a post via Twitter, said there is a need to protect democracy, and Nigerians must not be quiet due to internal differences.

He added that irrespective of who the president is, Nigerians and political leaders must unite in defence of the country.

However, some social media users suspected to be supporters of Peter Obi, the LP’s presidential candidate have expressed displeasures over Okupe’s call to support Tinubu.

@iamdlaw2 wrote: “Doyin Okupe you’re such a disappointment to whatever Peter Obi stands for. Hide your empty head in shame forever”

@ToEnugu wrote: “Doyin Okupe should have just kept quiet. The man who exhibited the highest level of political brigandage cannot be defended under the guise of patriotism”

@OkaniEkene wrote: “These old men will start a war for their selfish interests at the expense of the lives of our Youths. Doyin Okupe should look towards avoiding the war than making people lose their lives for an avoidable war”

@_realkingsley wrote: “Dear, Doyin Okupe, following your tweet that Niger rubbish Nigeria, I beg to disagree with you on that because they were specific. If you say they did, I have a realistic question for you: “Why didn’t they rubbish Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Benin, Rwanda or Egypt? Why Nigeria?”

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@EzechiEmeka wrote: “I never expected this from Egbon Doyin Okupe. Are you now CORNfilled?”

@June12 wrote: “What do you mean, it matters not who is president? It does matter. U should be advising Tinubu @officialABAT not to declare war against its neighbour. It matters who is president, becos he is the one with the final decision to declare war”

@shyna4me wrote: “This man!!!! You play too much. Who is coming after Nigerians sovereignty? Blulaba is the one encroaching the sovereignty of Niger.. abeg if u don chop don’t be fused at this time. We have our issues has a country”

@Manofwisdon wrote: “Nigeria should wait for the repercussion, so you think you can west the blood of another country’s citizens and walk free? people learn when the consequences are severe”

@HealTheWorldWi2 wrote: “Have you ever been to niger 🇳🇪?..a country that animals feeds on paper that sand storm disturb regularly…a country that most of the roads are not tile..where alot of Nigerians have inter merry and have businesses there…is that the country u are encouraging to be invade? Colos”

@TOMTG15 wrote: “Sir we honorably disagree with you on this, we’re not in any conflict with anyone. Nigeriens are very happy with their new government, so what’s our problem with that? Tinubu wants war so the court case will be delayed”