Shi’ites Attend Christmas Service In Kaduna, Present Gifts To Church (Pictures)

An Islamic group, popularly known as Shi’ites, on Monday, joined Christians during a Christmas Service at St Joseph Catholic Church, Samaru, Zaria, Kaduna State.

It was gathered that the leader of the group, Prof. Isah-Hassan Mshelgaru, said that the Islamic group acknowledged Christmas as a day for festivities, friendliness, and unity.

He added that joining the Christian faithful as they marked Christmas was meant to renew hope for divine unity among Muslims, Christians, and other religions.

He said: “When other faithful unite with the two faith groups, it means the whole of Nigerian is united.”

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“The visit has reduced the fears and some animosity between the two faith groups. They (Christians) are now open to us; we share sentiments and problems together. The regular exchange of visits has bridged the gaps between us.”

“The regular exchange of visits has bridged the gaps between us,’’

According to PUNCH, the Shi’ite group later presented gifts to the Catholic Church.

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