Tinubu Must Probe Buhari Else Nigerians Won’t Forgive Him — Bafarawa

Attahiru Bafarawa, a former Governor of Sokoto State has opined that it will not augur well for Nigerians if President Bola Ahmed Tinubu avoids probing ex-President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

According to him, “Nigerians will never forgive Tinubu,” if he ignores the probe.

He added that the President will only “kill himself politically” should he disallow Buhari for answering to his “wrongdoing.”

“It will be a disaster and it will not help the nation if Tinubu fails to probe Buhari’s administration. If he wants to get off the blame, he should probe the past administration. If Buhari is found clean, then people will be happy with him. But if he is found wanting, he should answer for his wrongdoing.

“But it will not augur well for Nigerians to allow Buhari to go just like that. If President Tinubu allows Buhari to go scot-free, he (Tinubu) should know that all that Buhari did while he was in government, Tinubu would be seen as the person who did it,” he said in a chat with Punch.

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Asked whether Buhari’s probe will solve the economic problems the nation is faced with, he said: “If Buhari investigated some persons in (Goodluck) Jonathan’s administration, what stops Tinubu from investigating Buhari’s government? I say this because Buhari investigated Jonathan’s administration and a lot of money was recovered.

“What some of the officials in Jonathan’s administration stole is meagre compared to what Buhari’s government has done. The Buhari administration borrowed money and then they embezzled the money they borrowed. After they borrowed money, we couldn’t see what they spent the money on.

“The President should try and be independent because people will judge him after he leaves office. But for now, he cannot take the blame for all that the Buhari administration did. If he dares to do it, he is going to kill himself politically. Nobody will blame Tinubu for probing Buhari’s administration. If Buhari is not found guilty, at least, he will continue to say that he is a clean man. Truth be told, Nigerians will never forgive Tinubu if he fails to probe the Buhari administration.”