”I Raised Your D£ad Career” – Portable Drags Babymama, Ashabi, Issues Stern Warning To Laide Bakare

Nigerian singer, Portable isn’t done dragging his babymama Ashabi on social media, expressing his rage towards her.

In a live video on Instagram, he wondered where the movie star was when his wife, Bewaji, stood by him when he had nothing.

He remarked that Ashabi would have only been a skit maker if not for his name linked to hers.

The controversial singer who said that he raised her dying career also warning her not to talk when he talks, emphasising how he feeds and cares for her.

Portable called himself her second daddy as he questioned why she couldn’t respect him as her husband.

In his words,

“If they remove my name from your name, you are nothing but a skit maker, I raised your d£ad career…You are [email protected] were you when my wife Bewaji stood by me when I had nothing…When I talk you don’t talk, I’m the one feeding and taking care of you, I’m your second daddy, why can’t you respect your husband like your daddy”.

In his live broadcast, he also attacked Laide Bakare for her interview, in which she recommended married women to retaliate if their husband cheats on them.

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Portable sternly cautioned her not to associate with Ashabi, pointing out how people like her damage homes.

“For Aunty, whose identity I will keep under wrap went to do an interview saying if your husband cheats, you shouldn’t leave him but go outside and cheat. Is that good advice, you this Aunty that is acting film? I mustn’t see you with my wife acting film cause people like you will be giving her wrong advice and pushing her to do wrong things”.