“I’m Not A Troll, I Only Give Personal Opinions” – Daniel Regha

Daniel Regha, a controversial Twitter celebrity, has stated that he does not consider himself a troll but only give people his personal opinion.

During a recent appearance on Channels TV, presented by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, he made the disclosure

He claimed that he doesn’t barge into people’s comment sections and start insulting them.

Daniel claimed that he only expresses his views in response to statements or actions made by well-known personalities and regular influencers.

He also stated that he does not want it to appear that he is coming from a negative perspective, which is why he always include the words “No offence, No shades” in his posts.

Daniel also stated that his personal ideas are supported by facts, which is why he references past events.

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In his words,

I’m not a troll, definitely not, because I don’t come to social media comment sections to hurl insults at people, what I actually do is when I read certain things from people like celebrities or regular influencers, and I feel like have an opinion I’ll just put it out there, that’s why I usually say No offense, no shades. Those are personal opinions and parts are facts and reference of past events”