Drug Addiction: I Woke Up One Morning And Decided I Want To Go To UK Without ‘VISA’ – Solid Star Reveals (Video)

Joshua Iniyezo, also known as Solid Star, a popular Nigerian artist, has revealed another ordeal he endured as a result of a hard substance overdose.

The music star shocked many when he disclosed he trekked from Awoyaya on the Lagos mainland to the Oriental hotel on Victoria Island while appearing as a guest on the audio-visual podcast “The Honest Bunch”.

He stated that in 2021, several young boys introduced him to a hard substance known as Ice, which had a significant impact on him and caused him to begin referring to himself as a king to the point of not paying for things he purchased.

Speaking on one of his encounters with hard drugs, Solidstar claimed that there was a day he woke up in the morning and he declared to himself that he wanted to go to the UK even though he doesn’t have a VISA.

Narrating the incident, he stated that he contacted a cab driver and requested him to take him to the bank; however, while on the way, he instructed the driver to turn to the Airport road rather than the bank.

This led to a dispute between him and the cab driver, and the hard drug’s influence caused him to crack the car’s window.

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In his words,

“That time too wey I just wake up one morning I say I wan travel go UK, I no do visa o, I called my brother say if you go travel follow me now o, him tell me say calm down e don start again, I say you no dey believe me,  if you remember there was a video that came out I had problem with one cab guy, I tell the guy make him first carry me go bank, money no dey account o, I come look am say no worry make I leave the money first carry me dey go airport I go collect the money for airport, the guy say na bank I dey carry you go, I say make you carry me go na him me and the guy get one issue, I come smash him glass with my leg.”

Watch the interview below…