North, South-West’ll Keep Controlling Political Power Until Other Regions Learn Unity, Humility – Omokri

Reno Omokri

Socio-political commentator, Reno Omokri, on Friday, posited that the North and South will continue to control political power in Nigeria.

According to him both regions will continue to yield political power over Nigeria owing to their unity and humility.

The former presidential aide added that other regions will assume political control only if they learn humility and unity.

He wrote via X: “Sadly, as long as Nigeria remains one united country, Northern Nigeria and the Southwest of Nigeria will continue controlling power in this political sphere, like a tennis ball, because of their unity and humility. One will do eight years, God willing, and pass the ball with their racket of unity to the other, who will do their own eight years and pass the ball back.

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“Only the death of an incumbent President can temporarily break that circadian rhythm. And if that even occurs, the pendulum swing will be readjusted back to its original factory settings during elections, and equilibrium will be retained.

“Except other regions learn unity and humility from these two blocs, this political tennis game of back and forth will endure.

“Unity without humility will result in feelings of superiority, which will destroy your political ability. Humility without unity will lead to internal geopolitical wrangling, which causes political instability.

“To get power and retain it in a multi-ethnic polity like ours, you must counterbalance unity with humility. And the North, especially the core North, and the Southwest get it. Oya, insult!”