Atiku Won’t Have Made A Good President, Tinubu A Better Politician Than Other Nigerian Politicians Alive – Ex Atiku-Okowa Campaign Coordinator

Charles Obioha Ogbonnaya, the 2023 Abia State coordinator of the Atiku-Okowa Presidential Campaign Organization, has said that his former principal, Atiku Abubakar, would not have made a good president if he had won last year’s presidential election.

Speaking on Sunday, in an interview with Daily Sun, he said that he would not support him in the upcoming 2027 general elections.

Ogbonnaya stated that Atiku gave out money to people coordinating his election in the 36 states but refused to ask them how they spent the money.

According to the politician, this singular action shows that Atiku would not make a good President.

His words: “I will not support Atiku, how can I support him? I would no longer support him that’s what it means. Let me tell you something, on my own, because of the kind of person I am, after the 2023 presidential election, I wrote my report and in fact, my contemporary in Abuja, I told him Atiku will not make a good president, even if he had won that election, he wouldn’t have made a good president.

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“This is so because you don’t have someone who is running for the office of the president and you give out money to people that are coordinating you in the 36 states, at the end of the day, you did not call to asked them, ‘how did you spend the money I gave to you’? What happened? Reappraise what happened, you have never failed in Abia before, why did you fail this time.”

When asked why he supported Atiku despite knowing he would not make a good president.

He explained, “No, no, no, you cannot know the taste of any soup until you taste it. I have been following Atiku for a very long time, from the days of PDM, before we joined SDP, PDP, I have been following him.

“He is a man I love because of the way he makes people, I’m a builder myself and when I see fellow builders, I appreciate them, that’s what I see in him. But going back, I have been saying it that Tinubu is a better politician than any other living politician in Nigeria.

“I say so because before the NADECO days, he established a political structure, he nurtured that structure before he became governor and up till today, the structure is still in the going and strong.”