‘Can’t Remember When Last I Had Good Sleep’ – TCN MD

Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Abdul-Aziz Sule,
Managing Director of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Abdul-Aziz Sule, on Monday, expressed how tasking and demanding his job is.

According to him, he cannot recall the last time he had a restful sleep.

During a meeting with representatives from Civil Society Organizations, including the Arewa Youth Alliance for Progress and Development and Nigeria Citizens Watch for Good Governance, Sule addressed various operational issues concerning the TCN.

Responding to inquiries regarding power supply to Niger Republic compared to Nigeria, Sule explained that while Nigeria supplies electricity to its neighbour, it does so because Niger’s construction of a dam could potentially disrupt Nigeria’s water supply from the River Niger, which feeds into the Kainji Dam.

To this end, Nigeria provides electricity to Niger in exchange for maintaining access to water from the River Niger.

He said: “TCN is a government company, unlike the GENCOS and DISCOS, which are private. So everything we do here is to improve the lot of Nigerians; we owe them that responsibility, but ignorance rules the sector for now. Gentlemen, few African countries can be compared to Nigeria; Niger Republic itself is not bigger than Kano – a state in Nigeria.

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“What happens is that the River Niger runs through that republic which is our main source of water supply to the Kainji Dam; if Niger constructs a Dam, our source of water supply will be cut off, so we have to supply them with electricity which they pay for anyway.”

On TCN’s role, he said, “TCN neither generates nor distributes electricity; our job is to transmit. I am a committed patriot, having grown up from the ranks. It is from TCN that I got married and had my children, so I always put in my best at all times. When it comes to ensuring a regular electricity supply to Nigerians, you can count on me.

“As managing director, I can’t remember when I slept well. Yet, I sit here and get strange letters from amorphous organizations requesting even what normal and recognized government agencies cannot.”

However, Abdul-Aziz, a first-class electrical engineering product, called for cooperation to move the power sector forward.

“We can do more with the cooperation of all stakeholders involved, not just the TCN management,” he added.