“He Has Deteriorating Brain Disease, Desperate Politicians Exploiting His Medical Condition” – Charly Boy Responds To Soyinka’s Comment On Obi

Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy, a Nigerian artist and activist, has taken aim at Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka.

The activist expressed this in response to the novelist’s recent statement opposing former Anambra governor Peter Obi from running for president in the 2027 elections.

He argued that Soyinka’s current statements and behaviour reflect deteriorating brain condition, and so he should not be taken too seriously.

Charly Boy remarked that it is normal for someone over the age of 80, such as the playwright, to experience some degree of brain ageing.

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In a post shared on his Instagram page on Monday, CharlyBoy wrote;

“Prof. Wole Soyinka is aged over 80yrs, even tending towards 90yrs. For his age, some level of brain deterioration is not unexpected. His rhetorics and actions in recent times is suggestive of deteriorating brain disease, and as such he shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

What we should be worried about as well meaning Nigerians, is how come his family and close friends can’t ward off agents of desperate politicians who are bent on exploiting his medical situation to their advantage, no matter how low it sinks the once respected Nobel Laureate.”