“Women Are More Unfaithful Than Men In Relationships” – Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti, a Nigerian artist, asserted that women are more unfaithful in relationships and marriages than men.

The idea that men cheat more than women, according to him, is propaganda.

The singer appeared on the ‘Bahd & Boujee’ Podcast, co-hosted by reality star Tolanibaj and Moet Abebe, it was shared on Instagram on Friday.

“The society made it seem like it’s only men that cheat. Women cheat more than men,” he said.

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The hosts: “We don’t agree!”

Kuti, “Okay, this propaganda out there… The truth is that women cheat more than men. Even in the bible, Joseph’s master’s wife tried to cheat on her husband with him and because he refused, she framed him for rape.

“Which man did they write in the bible that he cheated on his wife?

“We [men and women] are all equally bad. Let’s just accept that. And men that are out there thinking that you are the only unfaithful one in your marriage or relationship, you are living in a fantasy.

“If she is not stepping out of the house, you’re sure she is in that compound 24 hours, start looking at everybody in the compound.”

Watch the interview below…