Nigeria: Unity Is Desirable But Not At All Cost – Uwazurike

Chief Goddy Uwazurike, President of the Igbo Think Tank group, Aka Ikenga and a delegate on the platform of South-East Geo-political Zone of the country at the ongoing national conference has said if what is uniting us is far less than what is dividing us, Nigeria should just split.

“Whether we should still be called one Nigeria as a country or a federation of independent states is a decision for Nigerians to take, not for this confab,” he said. “The reason is that the President, who set us up, swore to uphold the constitution. One of the things he has to fight is the indivisibility of Nigeria, to make sure that Nigeria is one indivisible country.

“if there is any other way somebody can go ahead and say I’m splitting this country, fine, nothing will happen; we will all go our separate ways. We will be visiting each other as foreigners or we will be living in each other’s country as individuals in another country. So I would say without any fear of contradiction that unity is desirable but not all cost.

“If what is uniting us is far less than what is dividing us, let’s go our separate ways. There are many countries like Czech and Slovakia and when a push comes to a shove, I believe that we on our own will say we want to go our separate ways but for now, that situation has not arisen.

On whether the confab will get us to where Nigeria ought to be, he told Vanguard; “I don’t think the confab was set up to divide Nigeria.

“Mr. President said ‘discuss everything except your indivisibility’ and we are sticking to that. So, most of us who are speaking fervently, speak as individuals. And when we can no longer stay together, we go our separate ways and when that happens, it doesn’t need somebody to prompt you,” Uwazurike said.

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