Saturday , 21 October 2017

Dead Man In US Gets Voted Into Office

A dead man has been voted into office in the USA, reports say.

Gary Erns who died of natural causes in September was elected to office in the coastal San Diego County city of Oceanside, more than a month later.

Map of San Diego County

He was elected to Oceanside City Treasurer by a six percent margin over challenger Nadine Scott, with the election results expected to be certified on December 7th by the city council.

Ernst died September 23 and there wasn’t enough time to remove his name from the ballot. He earned a reported 17,659 votes.

City council members can declare the seat vacant since the winner cannot physically take office, according to Oceanside’s City Attorney John Mullen. This will lead to either an appointment or a special election.

If city leaders choose to appoint someone for two years, the decision must be made within 60 days, Mullen said.

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  1. Even ghosts receives salaries so no big deal.

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