Advice Column: I Don’t Like Having Sex With My Husband Anymore

I love my husband, I truly do but recently having sex with him has become more work than fun. I never initiate it but when he does, I have a reason not to oblige. I have become the mother of excuses when it comes to sex. He has complained and complained and I have tried like a normal human being to please him but it doesn’t work.

My marriage is just one year old and I’m already feeling like an 80year old even though I’m just in my 20’s.

Please, what can I do?


Hello everyone, this is the INFORMATION NIGERIA advice column, where readers send in their relationship issues and we try to advice them accordingly. So, if you are in a confusing situation, you can send it to [email protected]  and we would gladly publish it so other readers can drop their advice while also keeping you anonymous.

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