Jos crisis: Why we struck, We Will Strike Again –Fulani Settlers

Five days after the massacre in Jos, the Fulani settlers alleged to have carried out the attack have given a detailed explanation as to why the sad incident occurred.

Speaking to journalists yesterday in Abuja, the Fulani leader and secretary Sultan’s Farmer/Cattle Rearers Conflict Committee, Sale Bayari, said the recent mishap was caused by failure of both the Plateau State Government and the Presidential Committee on Jos Crisis to clearly address the losses of the Fulanis in past crisis.

Bayero, who claimed to be a none stakeholder in the crisis, also said it was unfair for the police to continue to hold the 49 Fulanis arrested so far, adding that what happened was a complete case of jungle justice.
He said: “Some of us have been forced to live like outlaws in Jos. Why would a government turn its own responsibility upside down? Under the circumstances of what has been happening in Plateau State, some people just have to die.

“Any society that refuses to be just and fair shall become a jungle where only jungle justice shall operate like the case in Plateau State today. There are some people who are very conversant with the jungle. They sleep with snakes, gorilla even at night. So if you turn your state to a jungle state, this is what you get. So far, we have suffered most. Indeed, majority of our killings were carried out in areas where there was strong government presence.”

Bayeri further noted that it was completely unjust for government and the media to be silent when the Fulanis lost hundreds of their kinsmen most of whom were children and women, only for everyone to hastily condemn them now.
“When our people were killed or were being killed, we can’t remember seeing Governor Jang, the Gbong Gwom, the Information Commissioner, members of House of Assembly of the areas, neither did anyone of them say a word about what happened to us. Up till today, they are behaving as if nothing ever happened to us and you expect this to just pass away and forever? In Kuru Karama when Aljazeera was beaming the corpses of 150 children and women strewn into the village streets, where was Governor Jang and Gyang Buba? Who has been arrested? Who provided the five Hilux Jeeps that brought the killers? Who has made any effort to fish out the killers. Haba!

“The herdsmen have been at the receiving end for no reason whatsoever and it is, therefore, most baffling to hear government now exaggerating the figure of those who lost their lives in what is called reprisal attack at Dogo Nahauwa in order to give the world the impression that those who lost their lives in this incident outweigh any other that happened to other people such as the Fulani
“We observe with great dismay and outright taking of sides by the government through its spokesman, Mr. Gregory Yenlong, Commissioner for Information, by saying that 500 were killed while the Police Commissioner was categorically saying 109 people were confirmed killed. Why is the Government denying our own casualties and the loss of property, which we have documented and published in the media while trying to convince the world to accept their own speculation as fact?

“Why didn’t the government challenge us to prove the loss of 215 people in the January 17 Jos crisis? Why didn’t the government respond to our petition to the Federal Government through the force CID that we wrote to only to deny that what took place was a reprisal attack as stated by the police. Whether it was a reprisal attack or not, between 2001 to the recent crisis, the Berom have killed over 365 herdsmen in cold blood in Jos South, Barkin Ladi and Rayon Local Gocervment Areas.

“Because the Fulani are local herdsmen who are not beneficiaries of the state, national and international media, deaths of our children, women and men never occurred and were never reported and the purported reprisal theory was never justified. If, we may ask, why then this attack took place where it happened and nowhere else outside the three Berom local government areas that we alleged we lost 215 people? We want an answer from Jang.

Bayeri, therefore, called on the Federal Government to halt the indiscriminate arrest of herdsmen in the country, cautioned that if these acts of injustice to the Fulanis continue there would not be a way out of the crisis.
“The Fulani abhor injustice and they shall seek justice through any means legal. We therefore call for the fair trial of all those arrested before only a federal high court and by the office of the federal Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) and not by the Plateau State government headed by a Berom government and Berom Attorney General whom the Fulanis hold squarely responsible for the unfortunate crisis.”



  1. I think this man talking is mad. His talking is inciting and if we had a working government he would have been arrested and made to point out the killers cos obviously he is on their side. Who said Nigerians did not talk when killings happened in January? Is murder ever justified? Nobody cares if you re Muslims or Christians, indigenes or outsiders. Just behave like human beings who think rationally not like animals. dialogue. stop killing esp women and children! Its cowardly!

  2. Our past leaders are responsible for the problems in Nigeria today . They wanted to indiginize the Hausa/Fulani in Jos through the back door by creating Jos North LGA. The front door would have been to include it in our constitution that after sometime a settler should become an indigine. But, because that will make many igbos to become indigines of Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, etc., they dumped the idea. I can hear God laughing gloriously at them!!! “Wise men wey die for foolish men backyard”.

  3. I have lived in jos right from time.and i know full well dat jos is not my place and can never be my place.why?wil the so called muslims claim the land which is not there land and can never be there’s.animals

  4. DO NOT criticize any religion cause no one know for sure the right religion .it is what we met with our fore father and brought-up stories in holy books that has convined each of us “it is the right path’ we re following…..or maybe ,perhaps you were there when JESUS or MUHAMMED came to preach the gospel…..THINK AFTER READING

  5. DO NOT criticize any religion and say no bad thing about it ause no one for sure knows the right religion.It is what our fore fathers told us and stories from the holybooks we believe which has convinced us that ‘it is the right path’ WE AREFOLLOWING ….Maybe ,perhaps you were there when JESUS or MUHAMMED preached the gospel….So what are we fighting over the people of JOS…..

  6. DO NOT criticize any religion and say no bad thing about it cause no one for sure knows the right religion.It is what our fore fathers told us and stories from the holybooks we believe which has convinced us that ‘it is the right path’ WE ARE FOLLOWING ….Maybe ,perhaps you were there when JESUS or MUHAMMED preached the gospel….So what are we fighting over the people of JOS…..

  7. If only we can value the fact dat we are humans and dat we are trustees whose lives wil definately be taken by the owner, then we wont be online insulting ourselves. I m nt preaching, neither am i a preacher, but i want u to knw dat every problem has it origin. Our past leaders must wake up to stop dis indiscriminate violent act, wat ever may be their aim, i want them to quit it and tink about the lives of innocent individuals.

  8. the only solution to all of these problems is for God’s kingdom to come, left for any earthly government nothing can be done. so i encourage all persons to change their life styles and confom to God’s principles and then look up to God’s kingdom as the only way out.

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    1) Do you have a real name? (next time put your real name)

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    3) By hiding your identity, it gives me the feeling that you are in the fore front in the recent killings in Jos.
    My God save us from this satanic people called muslems.

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  12. I strongly believe that dis can be resolved by taking up a radical descision of spliting nigeria into two countries as it was done in india(1947) nigerian should vote for a refferedum to seperate d north and south.we will not continue to kill our selves with religion.

  13. Let’s not let religion come in between us, we advocate for a unitd nigeria, we are hopeful to project a picture of a great people great nation, let’s forget religion in this issue and settle wateva has happened on a neutral backdrop look @ wat u people are doing wen there is a land crisis in jos , u guys are causing another internet-religious crisis, why, why don’t we give positive suggestions that will help in solving this issue? For me I don’t see a prospect in splitting nigeria, I believe in the nigerian dream of a peaceful co-existence, respect for human lives and best of all a NIGERIAN VISA LOTTERY where people will have to queue and sleep at our embassy bcos we are peaceful and good to live in . We can achieve this feat,shun violence, shun racial discremination, stop the killing and spread the message, God blesss and justify jos, God bless nigeria

  14. Someone is trying to defend ISLAM, perhaps I will do the same thing because ISLAM simply means peace, but I think the name ISLAM is a deception to hide the true nature of the religion and its adherence. That religion should have been called by a name from hell but definitely not the godly name ISLAM. I believe that the worst thing that ever happened to this world is not Osama Bin Ladin or some natural disasters destroying lives and property round the world but but the man called Prophet Mohammed. When I saw photos of innocent women and children slaughtered in Jos, I can only see and attribute it to the the work of a wild animal who got loose from a zoo and ran amok into people. It was and still is very hard for me to think that someone with a sane mind could be cold bloodied. The men who did this are not animals but they became animals when they allow that distorted religion called “ISLAM” to turn them into the wild animals instead of humans that we see walking our streets with caftan and baban riga.. Christianity on the other hand turns a violent person into a humble person. The Opposite is the man called muslim

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  16. Let’s continue to pray for our heavenly father to restore peace in our country and touch the hearts of all those behind these killings to stop. Holy family!!!!! I can’t stop staring at those pathetic pics of these children and their mothers who were brutally killed.