Genevieve Not Happy With D’banj

Multiple awards winning cross-over actress, Genevieve Nnaji, is currently not happy with the self-acclaimed Koko Master, D’banj.Shortly after Genevieve featured in the video of Fall In Love, a smash hit song from D’banj, the musician has been spreading tales of romance between him and the beautiful actress.

A source close to both of them claimed that although D’banj sought the consent of Genevieve before announcing to the public via a magazine interview that he is dating the actress, she did not know the action will boomerang.

“The idea, as initiated by D’banj, was to use the story as a strategy to popularise the video, but Genevieve never envisaged that it would turn out to be something that will attract huge criticism from her teeming fans and the public.

“As I speak to you, she is regretting it and she is not happy with D’banj for going that far, all in the name of making his video popular,” the source hinted.

Source: Nigeria Films –


  1. As my guy Kunle said earlier na una sabi. It’s left for you two to settle up your differences and remember that you both are celebrities, so if you people spoil your names it’s left for you both. Wiseup and decide.

  2. Hey fellas! Was d ranting all about! Its two adults we’re talking about here. I’m sure they can handle it themselves, its just the usual tempo when something goes wrong you know! Its jst a matter of time I’m sure they’ll get over it. Besides we all saw d connection in d video. Lips sealed. I’m out!!

  3. i have forgotten all of you,despite my hold up for the past 14yrs in street,
    i rather die like a soldier and not like a coward,
    let them wait,i will be on the road soon as possible,JUKWAESE DE GREAT