Gbenga Daniel And Dimeji Bankole Face-off

There was a show of shame in Sango, area of Ogun State, South West, Nigeria when the state governor, Gbenga Daniel and the speaker of the House of Representatives, Dimeji Bankole almost exchanged blows.
The incident happened during the commissioning of the new bridge at Sango. Daniel had arrived before Bankole to commission the bridge, along with works minister,Sanusi Daggash. Bankole, who justifiably believed he should earn the glory for the completion of the bridge, long after it was abandoned by the Obasanjo regime, arrived late. Daniel took over the field totally, bursting out in derisive songs after another against Bankole. This infuriated the speaker who tried to confront the governor by behaving like a typical motor park tout. Bankole, throwing away his status, jumped into Daniel’s bus, and tried to stop the driver from leaving the venue.
The drama continued for some minutes before the security details of the governor and Bankole resolved the matter also by flexing their muscles against one another.
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  1. It is a shame that our so called leaders still do not know the truth. You can only lead successful if you know the truth. They are fightingand strategising over our money which they have stolen. May God forgive them for they know not what they are doing.

  2. Dimeji Bankole’s Persecution
    It is important for us to know a few facts about this so much celebrated arrest of Rt. Hon. Dimeji Bankole. First and foremost the poor young man who is undoubtedly the most celebrated and talked about Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives seem to have a negative balance with the press. An average Nigerian journalist will readily tell you the guy is stingy, a reason they over blow any scandalous story about the young man.
    Now to the present story, it is needful to ask questions on why the Government has exerted so much effort in convicting this young man with his arrest even when he was yet to hand over as Speaker of the House of Representatives.
    Also important is why the anti graft agency had to hurriedly go and arrest the young man even before the date of his appointment with them.
    Bankole was arrested on ground of a N10b loan allegation and after holding him for 48hrs the anti graft agency realising its folly of baseless allegation & accusation came up with phony charges of Contract Award of Television sets, desktop computers etc. Ordinarily the National Assembly as a government institution has a Clerk (who is also the Chief Accounting Officer), Deputy Clerk, Auditors, Accountants and other officers who constitute the NASS Tenders Committee that is saddled with the responsibilities of vetting and award of contracts. How then can that be woven round the Speaker?
    Why on earth is Dimeji being held alone even when the EFCC itself stated that he’s just one of the lot of people alleged?
    Why has every ploy and tactic been employed to deny him bail?
    What is the government afraid of?
    Why was his arrest done a day before the election of a new Speaker of the House of Reps?
    Why were the EFCC officials also combing the town and the Assembly premises for the new Speaker & his Deputy who were to stand election that day?
    All these point to the several security info that the Jonathan administration was hell bent on stopping Tambuwal (a known associate of Dimeji Bankole) all in the bid to install a less acceptable and feather weight Mulikat Abiola-Akande from Ibadan as its rubber stamp Speaker of the House .