NECO 2011 Results Released – 79% fail English

NECO June/July 2011/2012 results out, click here for details.
NECO 2010/2011 results have been released, click here for result checking information

NECO 2010/2011 Results Released – 79% fail English
At least 870,305 candidates who sat the June/July 2010 Secondary School Certificate examination conducted by the National Examination Council failed to get credit passes in English Language.

This represents 79 per cent of the 1, 113, 177 candidates that sat the examination this year. The remaining 21 per cent of the candidates, however, obtained credit passes in the subject.

The Registrar and Chief Executive, NECO, Prof. Promise Okpala, who disclosed this on Monday in Minna, Niger State while releasing the results, also said that out of the 1,113,177 candidates that sat for the Mathematics exanination, 838,031 or 24 per cent also failed the subject.

The statistics showing the performance of students by subjects indicated that only 245,890 candidates passed English Language with 1,434 distinctions and 244,456 credit passes, out of the 1,116,195 that sat the examination.

It also indicated that 66,519 candidates that sat English had their results cancelled while 66,260 candidates experienced the same fate in Mathematics.

Okpala, however, failed to give the total number of candidates whose performance would guarantee them admission into higher institutions, claiming that it was not the responsibility of the examination body to disclose such information.

The registrar also revealed that the examination body recorded 615,000 cases of malpractices, with Rivers State topping the list with 45,131 cases.

Kaduna State also followed with 41,878 cases; Enugu, 36,904 cases, Nasarawa, 35,510; and Lagos, with 31,904 cases. But the statistics showed that Bayelsa state recorded the least malpractices with 235 cases.

The commonest malpractices, according Okpala, were mass cheating, which recorded 452,027 cases; aiding, abetting, seeking and receiving help from non-candidates, 87,778; while 13,456 cases of cheating were detected at marking venue.

Source: Punch Newspaper –
NECO June/July 2011/2012 results out, click here for details.








  2. wel ,this an indication of falling educational standard of nigeria since our leaders hav refused to help the situation ,i wonder wat the future of this youth(leader of tomorrow) wil be like.
    am u the media to appeal to the government and notable nigerians to find A solution to this mass failure dat has become a recurring decimal

  3. Pls,our leaders u have to help dis situation of mass failure in the ssce exams because it’s becoming worse day by day and you know we the youths are looking up to you,WHAT DO YOU EXPECT US TO GAIN FROM YOUR LEADERSHIP GOVERNMENT/TENURE?Think about dis.

  4. Pls,Mr president(Jonathan), if you are able to go for 2nd term in power help us to find a solution to the mass failure in nigeria education.That is ONLY way you can help this generation sir.

  5. I can’t realy put all the blame on govt.,bcos students of today dnt read while they will be looking for special centers.i will like the govt to stop that corruption.sorry if fall in fictim.

  6. This case of mass failure is really getting 2 much.So many people have written this exam over & over again. NECO,pls, also have mercy.

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  8. 1 English Language C4 Credit
    2 Mathematics D7 Pass
    3 Economics F9 Fail
    4 Government C5 Credit
    5 Biology C6 Credit
    6 Chemistry C6 Credit
    7 Physics C5 Credit
    8 Further Mathematics C5 Credit
    9 Technical Drawing C4 Credit

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  9. IF U HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH your NECO RESULTS. CALL Mr. OGUNLEYE ON +2348184358593 . HE IS READY 2 HELP d FIRST 20 more people. HE CAN ALSO HELP WITH witheld, pending or outstanding WAEC RESULTS

  10. Thank God I was Even Allow to say something on here i’ve been waiting for this day a very long time ago,NIgeria shouldn’t be celebrating any Independence day we dont deserve it,The Elders are embezzle our money for no reason there’s God and Every one of them will be in hell real soon

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    You Too will give Testimonies like others!!

  12. Pls I can not check my neco result cos I forgot my reg. Number. My centre nọ is 033089 and my serial nọ is 022. If I can be helped out, I will be grateful.

  13. Mass failure who is to blame? The government who refuses to provide he teachers & student the enabling environment.lack of teaching facilities.The students,many of them never see reading as their hobby,they will rather playing or watching ball shouting up man u,up chelsea etc.THE PARENTS. Majorities of parents will be looking for short cut for their children.

  14. pls. can you kindly help me, have been checking my result and all what is telling is that no record. i will be very greatfull if you can find a solution to my previous problem. Thanks. Pls. call 08096816443

  15. Am currently written this Nov/Dec,2010. will it possible to be release in February next year? B’cos, I wants to apply for my further education, for next admission.

  16. I am from Imo state serving in a private Catholic school, Sancta Maria Secondary school Umuaka. Up till now, the state’s result is not out because of a reason we do not know. What is really happening with our respected neco? I am getting confused about your operation. Please are these children indebted to neco office or that they did not register properly? Have you forgotten that the state will join in the next year’s exam? How can I register if my brother has nor seen his result?. I beg neco to resolve this problem soonest.

  17. What can you do 4 us government because we student we want to go to higher institution,please all help us all nigerians.

  18. pls neco help m out i hav bein given admission. Pls i need this neco result 2 do admission. My Reg No. Is 11652147DB pls may god help u as u help m. U cn contact m on 08052554505 thanks.

  19. pls i lost my registration no for neco nov/dec 2009 and 4 now no neco office in enugu and abakiliki is not helping issues pls help centre no is 011043

  20. i am an indian man… i hav a girl friend here in nigeria….she had completed d exams of neco in the month of june july2010. her examination no is no.024116.when i check the result it s shown no result…wt is dis? now she is saying to write another exam…wt kind of government is dis? der is no proper arrangement…should i say to her to waite for the result…help me… me 07055226417

  21. What are the remedies of mass failure in my country (Nigeria)? Did u also know that ‘EDUCATION’ is the backbone of every development? Pls my people do something for the development of my country. Yours Adam yusuf, kano. (Adam why)

  22. Pls mk nigeria gr8t by release gud result 4 d student sitting 4 exam. Moreova, 2008 result is bonaza stil u size my compsri subject

  23. This problem of mass failure should not be a thing suprise, cos since the advent of GSM in nigeria,in the year 2000, there’s been records of poor performance in exams, and also to add to it, in the year 2004 when MTN Xtra cool was introduced, mass failure was in the increase, so therefore until we student see GSM as our problem, mass failure will continue.

  24. I am tired of dis government becos i don’t even know wat is d problem.since 2 years ago i hav wrote neco,all i hav been seeing is no result found.Now again it’s time 4 no record found pls nigerians help.

  25. Why the mass-failure is always increasing? When we look back to the result from the year 2007 to 2009, or you mant us to be regular customer? Pls, have a look on this issue.

  26. hum.neco had caused so many disadvantages on students.please we need ammendment cos we can’t continue to fail.millions of youth have turned into something else cos of this mass failure.always passing utme but failing.why!!!pls this is enough.may God come to our rescue.

  27. Ho lord of mercy please come and help all NIGERIA youth about there future our government they dont care about our future. Every year no good result.

  28. No one can help but God. The life of Nigerian youth is in the hand of God. The Nigeria govt. Thos’t care about the lif of youth and i belief that the youth of today are the leader in the future. Now how are we goin to have a good leader when there is no sound education for the youth? Youth are ready to study but the result to forther their education is always either cancel,head or bad. Ho! The leaders! try to intervain in this mass faliour. Help the youth so that u can have peace. U are building house and u fail to build the childreen, that means u forget that the childreen u fail to build are the one to sale the house u build. Nigerian youth are not happy, save our soul. GOD BLESS NIGERIA, GOD BLESS US.

  29. I am ashamed to say it out dat I could not have my needed subject in 2010/2011 june/july neco. I registered for science subjects, neco gave me social science subjects instead. And those subjects given to me were absent. 4rom now on, NECO, IF YOU ask GOD TO BLESS OR MULTIPLY YOU, ANY OF YOUR PRAYERS OR HAPINESS shall turn to (sorrows, afflictions & unfortunates).

  30. I am ashamed to say it out dat I could not have my needed subject in 2010/2011 june/july neco. I registered for science subjects, neco gave me social science subjects instead. And those subjects given to me were absent.

  31. Good people of Nigeria, help me on my result june/july 2010 they hav gave m admission but i need this result 2 do the admission in the school. Pls help m out my result is cancel. Reg.11652147DB. thanks. as u are try to help m may God bless u.

  32. Pls. NECO. Education today is very deficult. in the sence that, when men today where in secondary school, there was no such of this policies that drawn the youth back. Example, taking two Exams in one entry stated now (JAMB & Altutute Test) they called b/4 admited into university, healing somebody exams result or failing massively add stages to these youth some do not even sourced at the end.

    Starting from SSII b/4 retaking SSCE is some thing affecting the genration
    N/B: some of the Poeple now holding top post in the country are not those that sited their exams one but more. what if this kind of policy was taken.

    1. Is this kind of things happen other country?
    2. what if, it was like this when you where in secondary school?

  33. Government,should ples look at the failure.of the youths’because we are the future leader!so i am pleading on the all level,2 draw concreate attention 2 the issue of education in (NIGERIA).lastly,i am calling on the 3 arms of govt,minister of education,and nig exams body.Thanks and God bless Nigeria.

  34. Pls govt do something to revamp the education sector,there have been a mass failure in both waec and neco.Every year a bunch of students got admitted to the various universities but becouse of their failure of exams,it often become valid.I hope our govt will do every thing at thier disposal to enhance the educational sector.Education is the basic fundamental element in which every society will need to develop,no community will move forward without giving a sound education to their younger ones.

    Aminu S Dogo

  35. We are still waiting for the result cos we are really in need it now, kindly release it in time so that we will use it in order to get admission.

  36. Plz i nid help on my Neco result i sat 4 Neco exam(june/july) 2010 last year my result was released bt my geography was witheld nd i nid dis subject 2 complete my required credit 4 my admission..plz help me 07060958220 Exam numba 11418210EH Centre numba 010249..GOD Wil bless u as u assist me..

  37. why is help not coming.anyway since the federal government has vowed not to pay neco their fees; neco has also vowed to collect the money from the schools that took the exams so is better we all go out now and ask our school why, but if there is any help just help me release my result.reg number: 117833877BJ And its june/july 2010 my number is 08066591428

  38. Mass failure of nigerians is not d fault or problem of examinatn bodies like neco or waec but d problem of parent who would only encourage their wards to indulge in malpraticism after leaving to waste their precious time watching football, facebook chating, ponographies, play station game, e.t.c. are all these d problems of government, examinatn bodies,or those errant parents and no future ambition students?

  39. Hello our incubent personel in neco office,i am using the name of god to write this commet to you people,please you people should try and do something for the realease of our neco result in imo state.As you people answer our request may god add more power to your power.

  40. Neco, ha omase oo. People said u are a duller in all reficacy, why are u keeping and endanger the future of Nigerian students. I’m one of the acedemire and educationlist, due to this ‘im giving u 7days autimatium to release Nov/Dec 2010/2011 result. Or else i will lead all Nigerian student on rough protest.

  41. The result has to be release cos, the time has reach if you consider with your opposition they had release it since, please do us a favour b’cos we’re really in need of it very soon.

  42. what have we done pls our neco has been cancelled pls can the exam officers in katsina do some thing pls?help us pls and pls and pls and pls.

  43. The massive failures of examinations by Nigerian students is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabrics of this great country. May God help we students.

  44. Pls i need your help by NECO G.C .E. I want to help for my life bcos know body help me. i know that GOD he good,to do better thing in my life in 2011. Mr Ogunleye pls to pls i want to help me for my NECO G.C.E result. Thank you God will bessing u with your family. Amen thought in my mumber is 07068789948 or08187896698

  45. either people fail or not just let everybody see his/her result so that they can know the next step to take, Im Solomon Shedrack Seun pls send my result to my email address either i fail or not just let me see my result because i nee it to traval out of the country and u are the one that is delaying me. I beg u in the name of God of Pastor E.A Adeboye just let me see my result because its getting too late now.

  46. NECO has been doing WELL.Therefore your failure (we student) can not be a reason to downgrade the image of this great body.
    For that, we should give a round of applause to NECO

  47. Pls NECO quality result is needed but not quantity. I mean 4 credit with ENGLISH is better than 8 credit without it. Pls help us in the name of GOD.

  48. Neco nawa hoo, who na wan use people dey do business in de name of body make who no 4get say God dey oo u people ave children at home, wen God go punish whona generation i no won hear say na one person dey do me oo.

  49. I’m happy to announce that the Mina based body has released it’s Nov/Dec external Neco! Check yours now 75 per cent have complete five credits including Math and English.Happy checking.

  50. Oh neco!U fond of doin tins any how.D way d exams were conductd was obvious dat u guys are not organisd.Ur plan 2 drag pple bkward wl fail in Jesus name

  51. d result is too slow 2 be out. pls do something about so dat stds will be able use d result 4 admission or register 4 another exam if bad.

  52. Pls, pple i need help o i will like neco 2 be linear wit us distime, bcos i did exam wit my brain, nd i realy read wel b4 written dis nov/dec in 2010. My num is 08062950945

  53. Oh when will dis result comes out bcos we are worry about it, please release d result n let see our failure and failure of nigeria as a country. BANJI ASALA FROM ONDO STATE

  54. Am sure this year,you will make us happy…releasd the result sharply so we can know wats up..pls dont try what u av always been doing coz dis year guys are vexing and if u try it…expect lot of deaths this year among ur decision makers and their relations,.am not angry shaa but dont joke with my words…they are dangerous coz i love u and nigeria..dats why am posting her.peace

  55. Nigerias plz help me check my result this’s my phone no 08050370532 and exam no 115151251CB, av try it so many time it keep sayin no record found while others av found their result plz help us.

  56. u guys have been saying for the past one week that out result have been released but we keep on waisting money to check our result and still the reply we get is that there is no record found pls i want to know whats happening is it that the result have not been uploaded or there is something else

  57. We should have patience till when?Please did any of you know the phone number of the director exams and record in Imo state?

  58. Please,Abeg, Please release Imo state result so that i can be able to do my clearance in my school the school gave me only one week to do that other wise my adimision is rendered useless.please hear my request.

  59. Hello Mr and Mrs NECO Pls have mercy on us we are getting too tired about the result that you announce.Please help us find solution to it and help us reduce failure in our result esp in ENGLISH LANGUAGE.
    How long time can we respect d new release of result. I will be respect your feedback sir/madamm.

  60. NECO, what are u doing about all this gross number of comment. although, u send me an e-mail that the result has been released,uptill now two of my tenant have fail to check they result. Now, i want u to check there result for me 1. ADEDAMOLA BUSAYO OLAREWAJU, REG N0-15049736CE, CENTRE N0-034059. (2).FALADE KEHINDE OPEYEMI. REG N0-15049762ED, CENTRE N0- 034059. I therefore bank on your boyantlly cooperation.

  61. neco if you like released d result if u like dont released d result bcause this cheating dat u are doing 2 us is so bad since when we finished this exam but untill now d result is not out so there fore all what u a doing Allah is looking at u

  62. neco u have 2 fear Allah u have already mark this result what a u waiting 4. Is it d result u need 2 hold it or what, many people are waiting 4 dis exam they want 2 use it to there admission but still u did not release the result pls director of neco release dis result we want use it urs root. Bye

  63. pls can mr neco kindly release this result for us this delaying my admission my name is release am waiting for my result to be release.pls neco official help us.

  64. pls can we check d result now.i’v been tryn since morning bt culdnt check.pleadn wit neco to snd it to my mail or fone no07063943934.reg no 15126862ii centre no 019114

  65. Watz up guys i hav been trying to cheek my resort but it tel’s me to insert d card no. So guys are we to buy d neco scrach card again?wat goin on with our examiners?will they favor us at all?from umar salisu in katsina kofar marusa layin zana.08164510271

  66. y do u pple always decieve pple. Neco has misplaced d script of all d candidates so telling u pple dat dere will b no nov/dec 2010 result.every body dat sat 4 dat exam are hereby 2 look 4 alternative.dat is my candid advice

  67. guys all wat u a seeing is d problem ebele jonathan dont mind d neco official. our praying is to bononza the result. your guys root 4rm sokoto state government house bye

  68. Why sum pple ar so wicked by lying 2 pple. Well its’nt their fault!, pls, any dat can help me check my neco result nov/dec 2010. I’av tried nd am tired and i want 2 use 4 admission now. Dis ar my requirment:REG NUM 15128935HH. CENTER NUM 024031. SERIA NUM 213. My num is 08062950945.

  69. guys, stop wastin ur time. When d result is finally out, u’ll all be aware of it through d moods of d candidates in ur environment. Kindly exercise more patient.
    Meanwhile, i’ll also like to inform u dat we are workin on another exam body which would be launched sooner.
    That is naija for u but success is urs and mine.

  70. neco has been failing pple 4 a very long time now but i think dis result is d worst i’ve seen. We d general public want d nigeria senate to please in d name of GOD probe dis body

  71. Pls i took part in NECO NOV/DEC 2002, the result is ok bc i have seen it online but the issue is dat they could not find the result to give 2 me in your office at Awka Anambra State bc i took the exams at Ekwulobia and they said the resuld is missing and they coud not trac its wayabout.
    Pls i used the result 2 gain admision and now they want 2 see the certificate.
    It will be unfair if i should loose all this yrs and sufferings in school bc of this.
    I am pleading 4 help bc it i s giving me sleeples nits. I can send all my detals if it is requierd. Thank you.

  72. hey ever since i have been given birth to have never seen this kind of youth and human destroyer like you people. you this useless thing called neco, you wanted my money,time and energy. god will do more than that to you and your family.

  73. i should have been in part three now, have been give an admission since but use your misfortune you started in 2009 to disturb me. am now at home doing nothing now because of you. if i should curse you because of this 2010 result you release, you wont be able to overcome it

  74. why are you people(neco officials) so wicked,you guys have the mind to produce bad results this year.i’m disappointed with u guys disorganised my plans for this year academically.

  75. neco pls what i have just seen is not my result, i reject that as my result. pls i beg you in the name of God to release my result my name is NWAZONOBI BLESSING CHIDINMA and my reg no is 15000355EI if you can go through my result and correct all your mistakes my God must surely bless you all remember that instead of NWAZONOBI BLESSING CHIDINMA you went and put NWAZONOBI BLESSING CHIDIN pls bring back my result because my jesus will neverlet that 9f9 to be my possion God forbid, pls i want to see a better result when i check next time my email address is [email protected] thank you

  76. I’av check my result 4 nov/dec 2010, it is dem bad, men dis is a nigeria exam u pple av 2 b linear but u keep on failing studnt every year. NECO i will want u 2 re-check on my papers again bcos wat i scored isn’t wat u recorded 4 me. Notebly: i walked hard, read hard and even at d point of d exams i strived hard 2 av a betta result. Luk! y is pple keep on complaining? My name is Adereti Adeleke Joshua. Reg num:15128935HH. Cen num: 024031. Seria num:213. Pls i need all my papers expercially my Eng lang nd Math.

  77. I’av check my result 4 nov/dec 2010, it is dem bad, men dis is a nigeria exam u pple av 2 b linear but u keep on failing studnt every year. NECO i will want u 2 re-check on my papers again bcos wat i scored isn’t wat u recorded 4 me. Notebly: i walked hard, read hard and even at d point of d exams i strived hard 2 av a betta result. Luk! y is pple keep on complaining? My name is Adereti Adeleke Joshua. Reg num:15128935HH. Cen num: 024031. Seria num:213. Pls i need all my papers expercially my Eng lang nd Math. My num is 08062950945. My email [email protected].

  78. Ero ti OLORUN OBA OOOOOO! Se gbogbo awon omo yen ni won o kawe ni? awa parent la n ko owo yen sile! & i swear 2 almigty GOD, 4 u willingly failing d student,all ur children will not PROSPER in JESUS name! AMEN!!!!!!!

  79. Imagine!!! dis is so glaring dat dis neco pipu ar not marking our script cos i luk it 4rm d account paper dat i can score about 90% there 4rm recorded as f9 4 me!haaa neco pipu u will not prosper!!!bijayi sheik Amoda Tijani

  80. In the name of the God i serve,every body that is behind the failing of peoples result shall nd will not escape ur owne failure as long as u keep on failing us. NECO u can imagine sumeone who is an ophane, striving,staffing working hard aswel b4 erning money 2 obtain NECO, read hard nd did it well in d cus of d exam.being expecting a gud result, wat i saw was Eng lang cancelled and the rest was also bad grades. I believe my God is a God of justice and is going to judge u all frm ur generatn 2 ur great ground children and d stress,time wasting,pains nd money dat i surffered will tell on dem in d name of d God. Unless u release my true result! My Reg num is 15128935HH/024031/213.

  81. I don’t think NECO has any good thing to offer the aspiring young-stars, many of us whit has a great ideas are been obstructed by the so-called examination body, if as i planed it works all by now will see vividly my work and indispensable contributions for a giant country of African.
    Please save this message for a future reference, a confirmation of my words.


  83. waec fucked me up by giving me 9ds wat kind of insult is that now is neco that badluck must follow you immidiately am gonna write again in 2011 pls i want the result to be good my number is

  84. i don suffer. wat do these people call these; a result? definitely not. pls i am begging u neco officials to pls release my result since wat u gave me is not mine. My reg no is 15160783HI nov/dec 2010

  85. whyyy! After all my effort. Burning d midnight candle reading. All u ppl did was to eliminate my literature and economics n end up given me four credit.haiiiiii! Pls my result should be recheck. My ndame is nwaewolo marvis, abbi grm sch. Abbi. Delta state.

  86. pls my fellow student,wat do u think we can do to dis issue of exam malpratices cos dis is really affecting does of us dat need dis exam.cos am tried and we can continue like dis 4 life

  87. Neco management, Y don’t u employ more qualify personel 2 help wit ur marking. U are failing Student on purpose so u can make more profit. Its unfair. I sponsor myself, read well, do well in d exams only 2 b given a bad result bt I know one thing 4 sure who so ever marked my script nd fail me on purpose or out of tiredness will meet GOD’S WRATH. These are my details if so thing culd be done. Reg No15138669hc, Cent No 020205, Type Nov/Dec, Yr 2010/2011.

  88. pls neco just help me for the seek of God release my english and maths pls i wrote by self no money to register again pls oooooooooooooooooooo help me Gog will protect your family pls.

  89. pls neco just help me for the seek of God release my english and maths pls i wrote by myself no money to register again pls oooooooooooooooooooo help me Gog will protect your family pls.

  90. NECO……………well i haven’t seen my photocard but wat am hearing now is that the results u posted are nothin 2 write home about.please when i get my photo card i will like to see an encouraging result for those of us who do not have money for any malpractices not to talk of doing name is MARYAM ODUGBEMI ABISOYE if u can help me with my registration number.

  91. well done Neco officials for a job well done but do better this year i am happy with my result all glory to God though without credit pass in math and chemistry as my main subjects. thanks

  92. i will suggest that there should be a thorough checkings on the examination papers of the student why should we be have high percentage of failure every year it means Nigeria system of education is bad


  94. guys all we need is prayers nd fastin,noboddy cn change our result fr us,all we need is to asked God to grant us favour nd mercy on our result. By God grace dis time around nobody will complain on his or her result in the name of JESUS CHRIST THE ONLY SON OF GOD.AMEN

  95. NECO,Please it is time to release this year 2011/2012 result,abeg you and please let it Favor us NECO office will not run down in Jesus name.

  96. GOOD day to the management, please I need this result before the middle of this month please kindly release it bcos failure to release the result that is another extra year for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. NECO am getting older everyday and am appealing to you in the Name of GOD please release the result by next week so that this can favour many student that wrote NECO and waiting for the result. THANKS AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL ( AMEN).

  97. A friend of mine wrote the neco gce and was failed throught, he read so seriously but u failed him…… Neco WHY??
    Please do justice for the oncoming neco result. THANKS

  98. Government PLS hear our cry. Neco should pls reduce thier rate of markin cos the way people FAIL every year is too BAD. Have we done d government or the NECO offical wrong. PLS

  99. Plz nd plz neco help help help 2 relist 2010/2011 result or 2 tel us d real nd actual date f relising d result if my reqest iz granted i ned an imformtion trgh dis numba 08062524937

  100. Neco pls 4th time i do neco, pls i beg u in the name of mankind pls, only english and maths i need, my exam no:21541880ci or my phone no:08064850888 ,my facebook account name: abdulwaheed adeleke adekunle, neco pls, I need it to do ADMINtion pls, God wil answer our prayer thank u pls

  101. Neco management pls n pls release our results. its time overdue n we are in desperate nid of d results. wish all of us luck in anticipation of a perfect result

  102. neco exam is a waste of time and money. if they know they are goin to keep failing people why dont they just scrap the exam cos its really stupid. even an outsider seeing the neco results every year will know that the fault is from the exam body not the students. neco abeg check yourself.

  103. Hmmm!God of heavn and earth have mercy on this poor candidate!who are this people marking neco script?are the paid for this wickedness’quite sure!!.NECO change,vanity upon vanity all is vanity!give youth a better future,don’t scare dem from going to school!even GCE dats not expensive people pass it,how much more!well may God change you people and give you marker thr fear of God!imagine a boy said he did not write anything in mathematic but he got C6,the english he wrote with all his strenght he got D7!why!!!!are the markers giving the answer sheet to their children to mark or something???now people don’t want to write neco!but don’t be surprise when the so name call Neco will fade!I pray that God will visit each an every 1 of you thru christ our lord


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