Tonto Dike turns 26

The beautiful, but controversial Nollywood star Tonto Dike clocked 26 yesterday. Tonto who was born on the 9th of June 1985 and is currently in her final year in Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, where she is studying Petro-Chemical was said to have celebrated her birthday with the less privileged children.

While lots of criticism and controversy has followed the fast rising actress owing to her role in “Dirty Secret” a movie that has been labelled “soft porn”, the Nigerian actress is unfazed and determined to keep on rising.

Happy Birthday Tonto


  1. she is a good human being with compass on the people she see in her communty. It is when something like happened that people can really know who u are, tonto happy birthday.

  2. see my people,lets do wat we need to do nd ignore omoaraye, remember they we always have something to say,dats their own cup of tea,since u knw wat u are doing nd who u really are… If nobody talk abt u,den u are nobody…

  3. Pls naijas let dis born DiVa enjoy her STARDOM any body dat is not comfortable wit her should pray never to b a STAR she would continue to b popular dan she is if she continue to b hersef;“FRRRREEEEEEEE D GIRL”


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