Showkey Speaks About Gunmen Attack On His Home

Nigerian artist, John Asieno popularly known as Daddy Showkey was visited by gunmen whose purpose remains unknown, unfortunately one of the gunmen shot down Wale who was one of Showkey’s aides. Speaking in a recent interview Daddy Showkey opened up about the incident.

Excerpts from interview with Daddy Showkey

– Showkey, we learnt that there was shooting in your house on Tuesday, how did it happen?

Well, I returned from a trip and I learnt that some gunmen came to my house and shot one of my aides named Wale Suraj.

Was it a case of armed robbery or that of assassination?

I don’t know their mission because nothing was stolen in my house, but what I learnt was that they were asking “where is Showkey, where is Showkey.”

As a musician that supported politicians, will you say the attack was politically motivated?

I don’t know what really happened and right now, I don’t know what to say.

Is it the first time such a thing will occur?

I have been getting or receiving death threats from strange callers and have informed some people about it, but I did not know that they would go to this extent by coming to my house with guns. If I was home, it would have been disastrous.

Who were those people?

I don’t know, what I can remember is that the threat calls became persistent during the elections.

Why did you go into politics?

As a good citizen, I have to support good governance and the the reason I am supporting ACN in Lagos State and other governors that are doing fine.


We pray Showkey recovers from his loss soon. Abeg! life is scared oh!!! RESPECT IT.



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