I don’t even know Tinubu – Lilian Bach

Speaking in an interview, Nigerian Nollywood diva Lilian Bach strongly dismissed rumors about an affair between her and the powerful ACN politician Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. Here is an excerpt from the interview:

Alleged affair with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

Oh my goodness! Are you kidding me? Where the hell did you hear that from? They are crazy. I don’t even know him (Tinubu). We’ve not even met and we are not having anything together.

I don’t know where the rumour is coming from. I guess it’s when you’re doing so well and because people know how much we earn in this industry they would just do their calculations and begin to think otherwise, by saying it can’t be money from this industry that is sustaining you. But what they fail to see is that some of us are doing other businesses apart from acting. We have other things that we do. I do interior decorations, I do corporate gifts, I do some supplies and other small contracts here and there. I have property, to the glory of God. So these are avenues that money is coming in from. I don’t have to wait for one politician. That’s ridiculous. It’s false news. It’s totally false.

Abusive/violent relationships

I was shocked by the story of the guy who killed his wife. Any woman will tell you the same thing. I can’t stand a wife beater. What is the meaning of going into a relationship when you know the man is violent or has violent tendencies? Honestly, it’s totally wrong. It’s not good for a man to show that he’s a man by beating up his wife. If he wants to show that he is a man, he should go and do business and try and be successful. Or he should go and become a boxer if you have got so much muscle in you, instead of beating up the opposite sex. I can’t stand a wife beater. Thank God, I’ve never been a victim.


I have never put my heart in a position to be broken by anybody. Never in my life have I been heart broken. It’s not as if I’ve never loved but I see signs early enough for me to say please, find your level. It’s when you see signs and ignore them and continue saying it is well is when your heart can be broken. Yes, I believe in love. God is love and I know true love still exists. I’m also in love, but won’t comment on my love life on the pages of newspapers. Please, it’s very personal and a no-go area, thank you.

Will I ever get married?

You said Lillian Bach is beautiful, I agree with you. But how many beautiful women in their marriages are actually happy? Just because people are doing something doesn’t mean I should do the same. I will get married when I feel like getting married. I’m not under any pressure. Of course, I’m in a relationship and I thank God for that. But, I’m not going to tell you how long, but I know I’m happy. Please leave my private life out of this and stop asking if he’s Nigerian or not. You said I have this happy look on me and I’ve just told you I’m in a relationship, let me just carry on with that happiness. I’m not under any pressure to get married. People will get to know when it happens.

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