Controversies Still Trailing Sylvia Nduka

It is reported that  Sylvia Nduka, the current MBGN Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, in her interview with Sunday Vanguard’s allure  said the reason she made mistakes at the Q&A segment of MBGN pageant was because of her lack of experience. She said she’d never participated in a pageant or been on any stage before, that was why she was not prepared.

The organizers of Miss Nigeria have come out openly to debunk this claim. In an official statement they said Sylvia participated in the 2010 Miss Nigeria pageant, where she represented Kaduna State after being selected in the Lagos zonal casting. They said she survived the evictions of the Miss Nigeria Reality show, and participated at the grand finale which took place September 25, 2010 at ThisDay Dome, Abuja. Sylvia made top 20, but didn’t make top 10.

Many uncomplimentary remarks and criticisms have trailed the current MBGN since she was crowned as many people believe she did not deserve to win because of her vocabulary.  The “Miss Lagos” who had the largest crowd followership was one of the first to voice out saying she was cheated. Before then, one of the judges was alleged to have posted on his facebook page, that silverbird crowned the wrong queen from the one they chose. The last MBGN has been regarded as been controversial and unpopular and for now the drama seems not to have ended.