UN Bomb Blast: Boko Haram Speak Again; FBI Agents Deployed To Nigeria

Since claiming responsibility for the attack on the UN building, the Boko Haram has not kept mum over the attack but has opened up as to the reason why they attacked the UN building.

 One Abu Zaid addressed newsmen in Maiduguri via the telephone saying they (Boko Haram) consider the United States, the UN and the Nigeria government as a common enemy and such they would continue to attack them because they are infringing on the right of the muslims.

Abu Kakah accused the federal government of insincerity in dialoguing with them saying the only condition they can accept to dialogue with the federal government is unconditional release of all their members whom he said are in prisons all over the country.- Punch

However, since the occurence of the ugly event on Friday, FBI agents have been deployed to Nigeria. Deborah MacLean, a US embassy spokeswoman said “The FBI is on the ground at the request of the Nigerian government,”. She however did not specify the number of agents deployed.

Scare messages have been circulating around Lagos through texts and Blackberry chats warning Lagosians to stay off the Third Mainland Bridge. The text reads: The message read, “Lagosians are advised to stay off the Third Mainland Bridge and its territory. There are unconfirmed reports of a supposed bombing in Lagos within 24hrs after the UN Abuja bomb blast. Military roadblocks and other emergency measures might result in traffic and congestion. Other alternative routes usage is advised. Please broadcast and save a life in Lagos.”

What kind of terrorists push for unconditional release while they continue to kill innocent citizens? Let’s hope with the presence of the FBI, we’ll see a little of the ingenuity and efficiency in cracking cases that the FBI displays in Hollywood movies.