CAN Tells Presidency – Let All Nigerians Carry Arms

As a result of the rampant attacks being suffered by innocent Nigerians especially in the Northern states (particularly in Jos) and the seeming inability of the law enforcement agencies to either bring the murderers to book or to provide citizens with the necessary protection and security. The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has called on the Presidency to allow every man arm themselves.

The statement made by the national president of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor read:

“we urge the president, as the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, to stop the orgy of ethnic cleansing or accede to recent calls for all Nigerians to carry arms.”
Stating that the killing of innocent villagers could not assuage electoral disadvantages, Oritsejafor added that if the president could no longer guarantee the safety of life and property of Nigerians, in accordance with the oath he took, then the National Assembly should immediately enact a law that would make every Nigerian to carry arms for their own protection.
“As a nation, we cannot continue like this. There has to be a genuine demonstration of commitment to the collective development of the country, through honesty of purpose. The current orgy of violent ethnic crises has continued unabated for several days, just a few days after the president had identified the people behind the growing spate of terrorism in the country,” the statement said.

Question: Can this work in Naija, besides what happens to those who can’t afford a gun? If the Government wants to legalize guns they might as well provide ambulances first. What do you thinK?


  1. Now the can leader proved that he is strictly and fabulously stupid. Is that how fucking christian leaders are xpressing their diabolical feeling when they miserably fail in their effort 2 bring about a war in 2 a country? Raccoon. Should b coming an old person means 2 speak without evaluation? Or if u hav just spend a lot of years in d world wil certainly turn out 2 b a mad? So Y are u saying madly? Hav u gone out of ur sence? Do u know that u can b brought 2 a court of law in d sence that u ask d fucking president 2 allow d fucking christians of fucking Nigeria 2 carry their fucking armour, which clearly substantiate that u are responsible for d crises that occured? Therefore, u should bear in mind that we d muslims of france were really aware of ur plan 2 fight against d muslims of Nigeria. Be careful. Mind ur fucking words, otherwise we wil come 2 d fucking Nigeria and attack u aggressively. Gigantic villager. Just try this 1 more time, and u wil die within a week. Aquatic animal. Dog is even better than u. Useless.

  2. Bin Adam assalafy, u are an idiot! A capital one at that. In France, can u try what boko haram is doing? Have you heard christians associated with ethnic or religious killing in Nigeria? From the inception of Nigeria muslims in the north at the slightest impulse kill christians in the name of Islam. So you think christians will continue being idiots and not fight back one day or at least defend themselves.
    Our fathers took a lot from muslims in the past but the new generations of christians will not take it. let them come to the south and try it, and see if they will not start a civil war they will not be able to contend.
    We are Nigerians, we need to start seeing ourselves like that and not copy hatred spreading allover the western world. Together we stand, divided we fall!

  3. Bin Adam Assalagy must have been stupied and mad for the comments made against the CAN president.In Nigeria there are freedom of opinions and speech.
    We christians are a law abiding citizen that have respect for the law. If Bin have no respect for their leaders in his fucking France,we give respect for our own leaders and elders in Nigeria.

  4. It is so absurd dat the CAN president could say such a thing, infact it is barbaric and he shld always think twice b4 he talks. @ Bin Salafy, Islam teaches modesty in everything even be it speech. My bro be careful when pouring out your greviances. God will surely help us in dis country but we all must change our evil attitudes.

  5. if millitant can stop there operation i strongly believe that one day that boko haram will surely stop there own operation. i know this is the signs of the end time. is not a matter of every body be armed, if every body should armed theirself alot of people may use there own arm to commit suicide and crime in the nation. most of our top leaders knows about this problem is just that they don’t what to do some thing they want to frustrate the leardership of our president expecially those from the north area. but God will surely deliever the niger from this evil people call boko haram

  6. Let me just affirmatively answer the questions of these illitrates & undesirable animals christians stephen ane olusola who are living recklessly that their lives are xactly like animals. I instinctively unravel that both stephen and olusola were dementedly created which happened to debilitate their cognitive psychology. And certainly you devoid a collosal memory, that was y u said there was no christians association who killed muslims in the name of christianity. So, this was confirmed that u are typically ignorant . And u needs 2 b inform that muslims were brutally xterminated by the christians of yalwanshandan Bauchi state. There was also an evidence in plateau state that muslims are still facing the challenges, it is the same as in zangonlataf area in kaduna state. Are all these n’t some reasons which justified that christians are the once that initially killed muslims in Nigeria? Pls, i’m the one who suppose 2 say that. Because i’ m n’t Nigerian. Are u very sure that u don’t know all these? U are a very big villager, and u don’t know wat u are doing. Pls, come 2 my country France. I wil educate u. And also, we the muslims of France are fully ready 2 assist the muslims of any country in the world. Surely, we have the capacity 2 just do that ok. All The Nigerian christians are villagers and absolutely indigents. So, don’t reply 2 my post. I don’t even have time 4 villagers. Nonentity. U have 2 go back 2 school.

  7. Its obvious he is not a Man of God because Jesus Christ who never direct anyone to say such a thing. Countries like America where guns have been legalized we all hear in news what people do with the guns on slight provocation. My fellow Nigerians these are signs of endtimes we all need to pray for Revelation & the Spirit of Discernment so as to be able to know who is a true man of God. Its so sad that people who are in the position to speak on behave of Jesus Christ and Christians utter ungodly words which makes other religions to wonder if we are really Christians.

  8. Pls my pple critics or figthing each other is not d best , lets pray that God resovles the problem of niaja .CAN president u are a father and a father dont allow anger or bitterness of what is happening in his home or around him push him to says words that pple will use against him ,we know how u feel about christians that ve lost their lives ,ur prayer is what we need pls. Islam never said kill to any one ,there are bad eggs everywhere ,this are the plans of the devil to destroy man kind ,,God bless u Pastor Ayo Oritsejafo

  9. Well it’s quit dissapointing but nt surprising 2 hear a so called spiritual leader makin such an utterance.nt surprisin bcos it has bin 4told in d holy Bible dat dis wil b d case at end is a pity dat mankind r leavin in d dark even ontop d wisdom we claim 2 av.religion has bin d most sufisticatd, efficient n most productive technique 4 satan 2 ride on our so called spiritual n theoritical intellect dat even now we war 4 satan n fashion God has our dispenser.islam,christedom,paganism r all d same…they all bow down 2 satan.i bliv dat until we start 2 reconstruct our minds n strive 2 realy spit d truth witout takin anytin 4rm it we’ll surely crawl wit hope 2 knws wat is right but choose 2 tak d wr0ng tinkin compromisin d truth wil set him blameless.stop deceiving my ppl all u so called govermental n religious leaders,repent n embrace Jesus christ,folow his footsteps dat lead 2 unity,harmony,peace,joy n most expecialy eternal life.GOD HELP US!

  10. what a pity…. This so call muslims must be very stupid,not a suprice since the only thing that is being preach to you in your various mosque is rudness…. Christians are not foolz like u, you have known that its a matter of time b4 they fight back… U kill us in d various part of d north in d name of islam… Nd u still have gut to coment here…. May God puninish u from ur imam to d least member in islam… Fools

  11. Let me tell u something bin adam.. If u think u can say anything u like to my papa, u’re a joker.. And if u think u’re strong, while not come to Nigeria n let me show u what is violence.. We christians re not fools. And should not be fooled, i promise u one thing, i personally will cut u into bits and burn u into ash cos of that nonsense u outer out of your stinking mouth, do u even know who u were referring to, same person can make u vanish out of this earth and would cost him nothing. And for the rest of you… Remember, when d kingdom of God sufferert violent, the violent men taketh it by force.. If We’re allowed to carry arm.. It won’t increase crime but reduce it, when every body has a gun who will want to rob who knowing that the same person u want to threating wit a gun has one and can shot u at that instant.

  12. I think that so call bin or what ever he call himself is a product of osama bin laden, u can imagine how fullish and stupid they are, i wonder the lessons their so call quaran and religious leaders teaches them. U can see how they all behave the same way as far as u answer islam and a ram was slaughter on ur naming u must behave lyk that ram that was slaughter on ur naming. In a nut shell imagine muslims protesting here in Nigeria bcos an evil man lyk osama was killed