Senate Set To Scrap Post UME

<h3>Nigeria’s senate has labelled as illegal the Post UME tests carried out by Nigerian universities and have begun moves to scrap it.</h3>

Nigeria’s upper legislature has described as “illegal” the post University Matriculation Examination conducted by Universities nationwide.

At the plenary session on Thursday, a motion by Senator Heineken Lokpobiri prompted the Senate to commission its Committee on Education to undertake a comprehensive investigation into the activities of those universities who indulge in such illegality.



  1. i support the motion of scraping post UTME screening. But let UTME board indicate the qualification marks/scores in to the various institutions, so that when cadidate check his/her result will know/understand if he/she will qualify in to any of the institutions

  2. Post UTME is a good idea by the various University of Nigeria. The senate should let it be, because JAMB is no more an examination. I have seen many people who obtained their JAmb big score by malpractise. Even for example, let us look at the last year Jamb, almost all the candidate who are to sit for the examanination have already saw the questions before the examanition’s date, so tell me is that an examination. I will even support the motion that Jamb itself is eradicated. Post UTME is good, has it allow the University to screen out the bad legs (HIM ehis4rhymes).

  3. enough of senate let our universities alone, i believ their conduct is ideal 4 stdts matricultn into our various hgher inst of learng in dis country as dey ar d best platform 2 seperat wid 4rm gud nd u don’t 4get dis isue is once rase by senator in 2009 i believ maybe dia child(ren) is a post utme victim dat was y dey like 2 raise d isue again nd i want u 2 note dis, if putme is cancel d utme itsef wil worst dan expectatn. dia4, senate 4get abt canceltn of putme let try 2 creat discipline 4rm outset bcos charity begin at home.

  4. Pume has a grate burden to parent & admission seeker,spending money travel from one part of the country to another,imagin some poly & uni charge up to N5000 for pume &at end some candidate will not have result due to way some university conducted the exam. Senate should agree on one exam b/4 university admission.

  5. Scrapping putme is nt d solution bcos some student get both deir o’level nd jamb rerult 4rm runs…imagin som1 dat had 293 in jamb bt cn nt score jst 50 in pjamb.d only solutn is dat putme shld b reveiw nd it shld b conducted freely

  6. Senate should go ahead in deir action n no body should stop dem at all bcos dose dat against d scraping are all fools bcos d post utme is just 4making money n nothing else so i urge d senate 2do deir wrk without listening 2 anybdy x

  7. Post UTME poses no threat if it’s conducted without bias. It’s a way of telling those who’re into exam malpractice that it’s not over until it’s over. School should use it as a way of selecting the best. We’re crying of decline in our education standard,post UTME is one of the ways to check the falling standard.


  9. I fully support the senators,post ume is just a way the universities use to extract money frm student, malpractice is still there.Corruption is nigeria second name. Except God will. Help us

  10. The senates should not go ahead in the scrape of post ume, but should find solution in screening all the heads of the institutions, because they are the ones that admit student with bribe. Post ume is a way of seriousness to student so the sanates should look into this situation.

  11. I suggest it shuld b canceled, am a student and i can tell u deir is run deir 2. Nigeria is wen u hv conection if u r nt den u r in doom. Now tel me wats d essence. Senate pls go ahead!

  12. Am yet 2 b admitted, waitn 4 Abuja 2 cal 4 PUME d date hasnt been fixt(fct 4 dat matta). Am spikn nt 4 myslf oly bt 4 d rest stud. NIGERIA nids change, hlp make our future bright plzzzzzzzzz

  13. U guyz getz me sentimental wit dis objectionable statement of allowin post-ume. D existance of post ume is now d major means of denning d poor 4rm studing in d federal universities I wil not say dat their is no corrucption but post-ume is d most corrupted aspect in dis country startin 4rm d VC to d GM are corrupted indulgein in bribery to be blunt their is jamb doez not involve in any form of corruption al dos ogbalu real are neva real a frnd did dat nd failed. Jamb is a saint to compare wit post-ume. Imagin a poor guy wil read nd read after evary som1 wil just pay 4 anoda personz result nd u wil be glad dat ur child is enterin school while d owner of d result is being left in d lurch Thunder Fire dem there. In obeisance HON senates pls do sumtin fast nd put a STOP to dat evil act of dem. Nigerian education is not meant only 4 fame people plz..wit dis I rest my case

  14. Senate look before you leap.let someone tell the senate to forget about scraping post utme rather let it be modified in such a way that a standard be placed that students would aim for,becavse scraping it would only tantamount to exam malpractices and honest students would be the ones to pay the price…


  16. Pume is just a formality in universities fraudlent processes. D vcs & registrars use it to suppress students that did not have anticedents. Senator Ayogu Eze had spoken what the process is. It shld be scraped & every admission that has been done since its inception probed..God shall judge those who maniplate peoples results.

  17. actualy dos universities jux doin it 2 enrich dere pocket. Som universities dont even mark d script, nd award admision 2 dere own people. Imagine a university with d power admiting 4000 student nd callin 4 about 30,000 candidate 4 post utme ‘na wa 4 nigerian universities’

  18. Postutme is only used 2test 4 d genuiness of studnts jamb results and not 4 money makin. I hv seen a situation wereby a studnt scored 296 in jamb and 33 in postutme. In dis case, do u pple think dat postume is a bad idea? If it was d studnt dat wrote dat 296, let him comfirm dat 2ru postutme, bt he couldnt. The senators are talkin of removin postutme bcos i think dat it is nw affectin their luvd ones. Wether u pple lik it or not, POSTUTME HAS COME 2 STAY!. STUDENTS SHLD GO AND READ THEIR BOOKS

  19. Let there peace in this country.D hole tin started 4rm D top execetive of dis grate nation.Let what is what doing shd be done well,if the gov.of dis nation did not joins hands togeder & fight dis misterious & supersticious behaviour, peoples wld start taking law’s into there hands. Is quite onfurturn. DAT WE DONT HAVE GOV.TO PROVE DAT WE HAVE LEADERs IN DIS NATION.LET DEM BE LUCKING INTO D POST UTME EXAM. AND HOW IS BEEN CONDUCT AND DEY SLD MAKE SURE IS FREÉ & FAIR N CREDIBLE. Is only dose who are burn wit a silver spoon dat have acess to education now &is based on hw u have connection.dey use shote period to exghausted money from d student,if not so do u have to pay 4 d exam u qulified 4 stil yet neglate the poor.if dis shd not stop radér dey shd put stop to d exam.instead of using post utme to cause havoc.

  20. weda u like it or not, weda the putme is or not, with you having ur money and ur conection, bear it in mind that u will have ur admision but it is by miracle. Because i myself scored 225 in my jamb last year and 180 at my putme, my first and second choise university was Anambra state university uli, my course was economics. But yet i get no admission, so u 2n dat money 7eaks

  21. 1 shud go 4 d oda. Tho i vbn a victm of post utme 4 past 3yrs so whatz d esence of jamb or shud b solidfied nd tackl d malpractice, i rest my case.

  22. First, let me state ds clearly, Education is nt 4 d learned, its solely 4 Illitrates(dunce). So y do screenin??? Let dem in2 d field n watch dem improve, atlast only d best graduates.
    Secondly, Education is nt only 4 d rich. So y let post utme in2 d system??? Since it only increases d cost n stress of Education, thrby makin it hard 4 poor stdnts 2 gt admission. Talkin abt corruption, Post utme is worse dan Jamb.
    I REST MA CASE……. 10 Q

  23. The truth is this, both the post ume board and jamb should come to an agreement and focus on one exams. But that is not enough, the question is can there be a strong reliable panel(board) that can handle the admission into universities? If this question is answered properly then the education system in this country called Nigeria will be the best of all.

  24. I suggest dat d putme should be scraped-off and look critically in2 jamb exams and results, cos i knw someone dat score 209 in jamb n got aggregate of 78 in unilag putme hw come? Divide 209/8 and add any figure below 50 and calculate hw posible 2 hav 78 as aggregate. If dat candidate can score 100/100 in unilag putme why cant she do better in jamb? PUTME is just a way of denying d poor of their hardwork.

  25. those of you dat is supporting post utme should stay,i think your parents are lecturer in all this univerties,so any post utme being conducted their quota will surely be given.imagine the amount being paid to obtain utme(#4600)and one useless university sold their post utme at the rate of(#5000)after that (#2000)to check result.the only advice i can give to the so called senators is dat,they should ask utme registrar a question.should Nigerian forgo utme or post utme.lets stop corruption in this country.those of supporting that post utme should stay,next time think twice before you talk or post any coment.Nigeria yi o ba je o.

  26. You have all spoken, but some are talking out of knowladge, like an illitrate,especially those that does not suport the abolishment of PUTME, even some, like AMARA TREASURE who talks about should be abolishing and shuld be abolish,so which way are you. See, let me tell you all that in every thing there is advantage and disadvantage, so therefore when the DISADVANTAGE is greater(much more) than the ADANTAGE, then the entire system is corrupt and become amess, so therefore,what i my saying is that the DISADVANTAGE of gaining addmision through PUTME is higher(much more) than the ADVANTAGE. So therefore, PUTME should be abolish totally. Thanks.

  27. I think d post UME shuld continue, cos it brings d best out of studnts. As 4 d money makin aspect, d amount colectd by varsities shuld b strictly regulated.

    they talk of mass illiteracy and yet deny people of education,
    they better scrap post utme and give people access to education,or get ready to combat the next set of MILITANT AND BOKO HARAM,NEW GROUPS ON THEIR WAY,

  29. Jamb is notreliable cos d malpratice in it is sickening,dats aside jamb is alrdy sort of written post ume shuld b oral in form of interview whr d board of d universities get 2 ascertain d bhaviours of prospective studnts,mst ppl dat get outrageous scores in jamb can’t make a correct sentence.outside d country,universities go 2 d secondary sch 2 get stdnts accordin 2 dia performance tr out dia sec. Sch nd den dey interview . Dis procedure is reliable cos ur sec.sch record will show ur worth.pst.ume shuld b continued bt only in an oral form nd no money collected 4 is a evry pesin right nd it shuld b FREE

  30. Thanks Ekene,i wish dey can read it cos if dey put it into practice.nigerians quality of education will b high nd more ppl will b admitted nd mass illiteracy will be reduced witout nybody feelin downtrodden,u enta bcos u r worth being,i read 4 ma jamb while in sch bt on hols couldnt readn 4 pst ume nd i didnt get a good score so am still hopin dat smetin will hapn in d second list cos i cnt jus throw sway dat high score i wrked 4 bcos of pst ume is also written

  31. putme should nt b eradicated.i wrote jamb this year n i saw alot.a frnd of myn who laughed at me wen my my jamb was witheld had 301 tru runs bt she couldn’t pass her post the say who laugh last laughs the best,so both should stay.dat sumone didn’t succed does nt mean dat he or her is a failure,so keep on trying n trust me u ll get it,no food 4 a lazy man

  32. haaai! 9JA,when is absurde things going to be over in this country?,it all grass root problems,it seems this country Nig,is erected on confusion,people on top,searching for one way or the other to raise fund,today one issue,tomorrow another,all remain unsolved.This country,have succided in rising the illiteracy level among it citizens,its comon among the poor,since education now is for the rich,so tell me,how do we make a change?,the rich geting richer,while the poor continue moving backward,infact there are so much painful issues in this country,among all sectors,not just edu,i don’t no what to say,i rest my case,i wish i was not a Nigerian.

  33. When wil an average nigerian have a sense of belongin in dis country why som people so wicked can dis nation ever be gud again 2many ?z but no ans just dat. 4 dos of u supportin is doing so cuz u’re 1 of dem check dis out A frnd of my dat we took dis recent jamb 2gether in her result she strugglely passed 200 wit small help she got after d post-ume we took at UNN be4 d so called result couldl be released her dad has already runz wit dos incharge of recordin scorez online nd d girl who even knew dat she can’t score upto 50/400 waz given 261 as post-ume score nd now amoung d 1st batch list ie merit list which means her poor score waz exchange wit an innocent poor manz hardwork wat a malice infact God must purnishe dem. House abeg make una put a stop to dat their evil way.

  34. i soport the senate motion of scraping d post ume cuz student wast alot of money in buying d skul 4om at a high cost and @timz will nt stil write d examz cuz of d stress in in if not traveling 4om their destinations to d place of d examz or d 2 skuls may be writing d post ume @ d sam day so is it stressful and wasting of money 2d perents or d guidience @timz even if d student passes his or her post ume he/she wil stil need money 2runs d addmission cuz lecturers dont give addmission by merit again but by runs is nt encouraging @all datz my own point of suporting d senate 4 scrapingg d socalled post ume plz my able senators fight it to d end .

  35. i soport the senate motion of scraping d post ume cuz student wast alot of money in buying d skul 4om at a high cost and @timz will nt stil write d examz cuz of d stress in in if not traveling 4om their destinations to d place of d examz or d 2 skuls may be writing d post ume @ d sam day so is it stressful and wasting of money 2d perents or d guidience @timz even if d student passes his or her post ume he/she wil stil need money 2runs d addmission cuz lecturers dont give addmission by merit again but by runs is nt encouraging and student wil stil need momey 2buy d examz scratch cards to check d examz all diz tinz is money and stress bote registring it and checking it is stil money @all datz my own point of suporting d senate 4 scrapingg d socalled post ume plz my able senators fight it to d end .

  36. Post utme is nt d problem whether or nt u pass it. The main issue is money if u hve d money u can buy admision. The sentors shld go to d main problem and stop beating round the bush

  37. There is no where this runs doesn’t exist, even if u pass the post-utme or not,you just’ve 2 runs it, if not no admission 4 u. So,i’m happy that the senators know what we’re facing in Schools nowadays. For those of u who’re saying Pume should continue, u’ve not be a victim of it,or may be ur parents make their endsmeet 4rm that-“u’re all fools” hw i wish u were there u’ll see hw worse it was.During jamb everywhere ws silent,i pressedmy calc people all set their eyes on me cos of d sound. I’ve witness a lot,during Post-ume u’ll see txt msgs entering people’s phone during exam,where did they get dat,is it not 4rm d Univ is it 4rm jamb also? Infact Pume is worse than Jamb. Pls, our Senators help us out& bless you.

  38. if you cant admisn in ur own fatherland that means theres a problem.i suport pume if it should b done oraly.of fcourse,curuption must b but atleast 78percent credibility is ok.imagine my clasmate who won cowbel 4 maths culdnt make a list of 50.what an irony.luv u al

  39. @Chidi,i don’t blame you,probably there was non during your time,or may be you’re one of those who earn from it,listing to your self,you speak without concience,its not your falt,i blame this forum for accepting your coment,life without a concience is not worth living,i remind u…

  40. All u idiotic element saying dat they should leave it so dat students can study hard, do u think dat it’s by dat? If u think it’s by dat try dis yr let see weda u wud reach d cut off mark? God helps us.

  41. @nero thanks 4 your contribution, but 4 chidi, i know u’re supporting the POSTUME because of either this 3 things (1) u’re not a student, u’ve try admission into Uni several yrs without succcess ,so u’ve “given-up” &looking forward to seeing poeople of your category.(2) u’re benefiting 4rm it financially (3) may be u’re a Part Timer,non sense,folk!

  42. I agree with senate 2 scrap d post utme bcz i am one of d victim 4 dis year and even if dey can cancell jamb i wil be d most happiest man on heart bcz jamb change my schl of choice without my knowledge 4rm unilag 2 ui,dis is too bad

  43. U re right NERO & JOHN. Chidi is an IDIOT, may b he is making money from it Dat’s why. But remember ur children & ur children children dey will all suffer it too.

  44. Tanx JOHN..
    @CHIDI,u’re just focusless,listing to ur self again(BECAUSE EVERYONE NOW HAVE ACCESS TO INTERNET),whats the meaning of that?,it seems ur little awearness to modern life,is now blunting ur thinking faculty,and restricting u to ur own selfishness,anyways i don’t blame u,its all a result of ur own blindness.

  45. How much is the allocation accrued to education in the national budget? I think the sale of post UTME is part of the petty ways institutions fund themselves especially the poor ones, the fact that post UTME should be abolished ‘ll bring about an increase in level of exam malpractices as most students ‘ll prefer going to miracle centers.

  46. Adejumo, tanx 4 dat comment. Removal of postutme is a way of encouragin malpractises in jamb bcos students wont read again, dey wil start lookin 4 miracle centres were they can score vry high mrks. POSTUTME SHLD NT B SCRAPED; SENATE, TAKE NOTE!

  47. @ADEJUMO nd CHIDI,what’re u too talking about?,let me remind u that before allocations are made,every thing concerning all institutions are inclusive,so thats not an excuse,more over,we don’t run free education here in Nigeria,every student is entitle to his/her fee,high fee for that matter,or do u want to tell me that students fee alone is not enough for schools programs each year,talk of the raising fund through the sales of the form is not an excuse,its all in the name of curroption..

  48. Thanks alot NERO & TONEX,leave that folk alone i’ve told u what is responsible 4 his opposing against the scraping of POST-UME, that’s the reason he’s till raterating about it.

  49. all that have been said concerning scrapping of post UTME. are all well said. but i wished to open some peoples eyes here concerning the subject matter.u will all agree with me that either the UTME or PUTME are all not clean in term of exam malpractices.but the activity of the individual university organizing post utme has to be seriously questioned.those who raised the issue in the upper legislative chamber knew vividly what they were talking about.i was opportune d to witness a PUTME exams in one of the university where my uncle is a senior lecturer
    during the exam, so many activities were going on in the exam hall, inshort i couldn’t believe what i was seeing…in that case those who came to write the same exams without any assistant will have another story to tell when the result will be released.u buy post UTME form with nothing less than N5000 U still have to settle to pass write there during exams or u have somebody among the staff of the school to help u and so on. i think the whole system has to be overhauled so that quality education will have a space to thrive in this country.

  50. Our leaders are good in making policies but implementation is war anythink that comes to this country will become something else. This examination bodies in this nation are not trustworthy this year waec release two different results, waec we student trust pass other exams which one are we going to follow. Those people in examination bodies,lecturers,vice chancellors,exam officials,registrars etc they dont touch their salary from month to month this are people that always destroy the system they are busy making gold money. If senate say they going to scrap this exam or bring another one corrupt people are still there where an exam official is asking about 600 students to pay him #2000 each to allow them copy in exam later they come out on tv talking exam malpractice, if u give them something they will show u the question,upgrade ur score and so on thereby frustrating good ones. This year waec about million fail the exam they say is exammalpractice but they know those special centers that always give them money then intelligent students will be the victims. An exam whereby 98%,78%,90%,80% etc fail that is not exam and nobody sue them to court for releasing two different result,outstanding,withheld,result-selling,money-result etc they think they are right. If the nation will have only one strong exam to enter uni it will be best this time students should rise up against this we will start protest they dont think for our future but for their dirty belly and their idiot children ,wasting our future.

  51. Now,i can read from good nd mannered people like,TONEX,JOHN,ISSAC,JACK etc,calling for the quite of the Malicious exam tagged PUTME,nice one.if our co-youth can be wiser,and basket their eggs with ours,i believe our quest will be i suggest that the Senate,should move on with the cancellation of this so called exam,immediately.Tanx guys

  52. Both JAMB & POSTUTME shld b removed. I suggest dat admission shld b done in such a way dat, if u knw d skul u want 2go, go there purchase their form & write their exam. If u pass, they wil admit u. I think dis wil also mk d getin of admision faster nd easier. JAMB in particular is nw al abt malpractises bcos MIRACLE CENTRES r evry were nw. I rest my case

  53. pls i want to hereby appeal to the government that post ume should be removed,so that once you write and pass the cut off mark in your UTME/JAMB you will qualify to be admitted into the university.the issue of writing post ume makes the students to spend alot of money,even after spending they end up not gaining admission into the university.thanks for anticipation.

  54. For good and effective Education in Nigeria, Government must to CANCEL all this body: WAEC, NECO, JAMB, NABTEB and POST UTME from our education system, because All this body has cause a lot of damage and crisis to our Nation.
    It wastes a lot of student time. Government should make use of TRANCRIPT from secondary school to do admission to any tertiary institution they wish to go.

  55. post ume also makes lecturers to collect money from many student to gain admission which is is not somebody who brought money admission and allowing the person who wrote exams to wait till nest year.aaaaaaaa.pls the government should help us look into this matter.they should help us stop this so call post ume and do the right thing .

  56. I can only agree with some people here on ensuring that Post UTME should be looked into, to ensure that the poor are not oppressed, but not to cancel it. A hard working student is always ready to face exams of any type.
    To the lawmakers, I would like a situation they encourage the use of ICT to curb examination malpractice, but not to scrap post UTME. I read about 8 students who sat for UNILORIN POST UTME, they failed woefully, when asked how manage it does not reflect considering their high scores in JAMB, they confessed that somebody assisted them to pass. Imagine that! They’re still in the police net.
    in conclusion, post UTME is good but should be made not to oppress the poor. I’m only after quality education in Nigeria.

  57. OTU MIKE EZI, tanx so……. Much 4 dat Comment. I believe dat any hardwrkin & intelligent studnt wil never b afraid of any exam, b it postutme or any exam. Postutme shld nt b scraped bt shld b looked into bcos its a way of provin d genuines of a studnts jamb result bcos JAMB is now al abt MALPRACTICES.

  58. WelDone JOHN…Tanx OTU MIKE,for that comment. U Talkd of not scraping PUTME,and just looking into it by employing ICT,to protect the poor,yes good ideal it is,but i must remind u that as far as Nigeria is concern,the only way to stop any oppressor,is by padlocking or uprooting the means,and disallowing it from functioning,so what am say in essence is that,the only to buycot curroption,exam malpratices and all other relective matters,is by stoping the body from functioning,because no matter the agency incharge of the operation,the power of money,will still make it malfunction,even if non citizens head the office,malpractices can never be over rule as far as money the only solution is scraping it(PUTME).Tanx

  59. One problem we have in this nation is dat we dont tel our selves truth we wil c a problem instead of tackling it straight away we wil choose 2 be going around it and dat is 2 bad.Luking at the entire systerm a resonable person wil tel u dat d problem is jamb and not post utme why post utme came was the inability of jamb 2 tackle exam malpractice luk at the type of exam they conducted last year ful of malpractice in almost al d centres so if i shuld sugest i wil say lets 4get jamb let every institutn conduct entrance exam 4 its candidate since their is no way jamb can cub exam malpractice in the entire nation and also to the fact some big men have started penetrating jamb ofice with their mony buying jamb wit mony for their children which is 2 bad. Senate should take note pls

  60. @Ogbaga Matthew, May God Bless U so……….mch 4dat comment. Dats a vry inteligent comment. Hw i wish dat d senate wil read dat ur comment. I’m so hapy 4dat comment. Tnx nd God bles. It is JAMB exam dat shld b removed nd nt postutme bcos JAMB is now al abt MALPRACTICES. Dis year’s JAMB was worst dan ever. Imagine somebdy scorin 395/4OO in JAMB nd 33/1OO in POSTUTME, Asuming admision was given wit only jamb reslt, u can found out dat such a stdnt may b admited unda MEDICINE nd dat stdnt wil go there 2 mess up wit pples lif bcos dat postutme result of dat stdnt, proved dat, that jamb result, was nt genuinue. POSTUTME IS VRY GUD AS FAR AS I’M CONCERN!. Schools shld b alowed 2 conduct entrance exams 4its candidates.

  61. Post ume would have being d best 4 student 2 prov their self bt it is 4 jamb l cn make my jamb even without going 2 d exam it totally absurd if d senate eradicate it,rather they should enact law that d whole university should pay equal amount during d exercise.they raise d issue bcos their children fal a vitim of ume or they believ buyin of jamb result is d nig student should react 2 dis low mentality of som senate members

  62. My sugestn is dis, Let JAMB be canceled n postjamb should b conductd @ each university on ICT plateform and d result should b released immediately after d click on submit, and cut-off of various department should be placed even b4 d exam, so immediately afta d exam u’d knw ur faith and be prepared 4 d nxt session, and post jamb form should b sold for #500 only inorder to schedule your date and time for examination. And one should have d opportunity to choose 2 diff. Universities, polytechnics and colleges of Education. And there should be a standard question 4 all university examinations.

  63. Post utme has become a gateway for the well-to-do parents of Nigeria to access the officials,vcs,board of members and all dat,jex to make sure their childrens re admmitted w/c is very illegal.Education is meant for both the rich nd poor.but,dis illegal act 2rue which students with silver spoons gain admmission is proving dat Education the subject matter is jex for students with silver spoons,which is not supposed to be…..let’s look at dis again,thousands of students ‘ll sit for putme exam,d time for admmission,a student per State ‘ll be admmitted,meaning jex 36 student’s ‘ll be admmitted,Nigerian Universities aint try at all,putme should be abolished.Senates know what to do…..

  64. A guy came to Ilorin in the year 2009 from Lagos. He came for his postutme in UNILORIN. I saw his Jamb score, because he was staying close to my house and he had 275. I was so happy to see someone with such a great score for the first time and I requested for his Jamb questions to solve myself. All answers were shaded. I solved it and those I was unable to solve I marked, so that the guy will tell me how to go with it. This guy actually confessed to me that he was supplied the answers and he paid a sum of #15 000 for it. Thank God that there was postutme then, he was unable to make 50marks and was disqualified. I was very happy then.

    This year someone sat for both her Jamb and waec in a private centre and she cleared her waec and has 287 in Jamb. That’s the work of malpractise, because she has nothing upstair, nothing at all. So tell me, where are we going in Nigeria.

    The private schools too, has made malpractise their choice. You know private schools are profit making businness, for them to make a huge profit, they will need more student to come to their school. No student will want to go to a school where they fail their Waec & Neco, so this private schools go into malpractise. They helped their students to make A’s and B’s and start blowing their own trumphet, so that, more student will come.

    There is much to do in this country concerning Education. For postume, let it be. It helps alot. Jamb is not an exam anymore.

  65. @Isaiah, some private schs are compromising just to ‘ve their name as the best. U’re right, that’s why there’s need to use ICT to combat exam malpractice. Some criminal minded supervisors are being used by these private schs to achieve it. We still ‘ve some upright supervisors who do not let exam malpractice to hold.

  66. Post utme should be scrap, cuz most university use it in makinq money…imagine a friend of mine scored 190 in jamb & 30% in pst-utme still got addmission, after RUN’S @ the university he chose..while my other friend scored 260 in jamb & 60% in post-utme, but find it hard to see his name in either the 1st batch 2nd batch or 3rd batch…so this why post utme must be scrap.
    2) Most student in nigeria don’t write post utme & still got addmission into university, this is done by CONNECTION & LONG LEGS…I have alot of evidence too prove what am sayinq, firstly a junior of mine scored 181 in jamb & he didn’t write post -utme, but fortunately his name was on the first batch of UNAD…this was done tru connection, is father was a family friend 2 the schook VC. Another 1 was in Unilag, my close friend that as writinq post-utme 4 the 3rd time now got addmission with a low mark, imagine he manage to score 190 in jamb & 20% in post-jamb still got addmission wit the help of a lecturer(#40,000)
    Apart from bribery & connection, if we shud seat down & look into this matter, i support the senate to scrap POST-UTME…firstly, Lets talk about Uniabuja post-utme saga few weeks ago, not less than 100 student from Lagos & sum other state had an acident on their way coming back home 4 post-utme which they ended not writing after the problem with d school & the bank over fees…which lead to serious injury, thanks to God almiqhty that none of them was dead… So why must student struggle 2 gain addmission into Versity & end up finding herself or himself in the hospital….so i support Senator Heineken Lokpobiri on scrappinq post-utme & other senators…
    Why minister of education isn’t supportinq this motion is that, she knowns how much she collect at the end of every Post-utme conducted by versity… I rest my case#

    ‘STOP POST- UTME!!!!!!

    Many lecturers have build houses, buy cars with d money they see durinq post-jamb period mostly Unilag, Lasu, Unaab, Unad, UI, OAU & many more…

    Mike by name…300level Mechanical Eng @Lasu

  67. Stopping post utme is like telling employers of labour to stop interviewing their employees before giving them job. You know what that mean, a profession will be taken by all sort of men, that cannot perform.
    The law makers should beam their searchlight on the racketeers in the admission of students, they should make laws that will curb such trend. An example of such law is sending neutral body
    to monitor the exam and the way it’s marked. This will bring a natural death to racketeering in the system.

  68. LET IT BE FREE To the National Assemblies, NUC, JAMB, the post ume is not our problem. But the issue of extorting & exploiting the students, parents by the Institutions. It should not be scraped but LET IT BE FREE,

  69. post ume have to stay, but the only matter there is that the schools should look into both the jamb and post ume scores and sum them together before admission or any other thing. There are many university that look into their own exam score and ignore jamb score. And the only way to reduce this corruption is to first of all scrap all the people in high post in the university from the vc to the last man there. Thanks i rest my case.

  70. Post ume is should be abolished.imagine me study hard,scored 251 in jamb.i did eksu post utme.they dnt release my result.even the one i did in fuoye they interchange my result with another person data.i nearly kill myself over utme is rubbish.i support the senate.

  71. i want the government to understand that this so called post UME should be cancelled, cos a case like that in University of Lagos (UNILAG)…A student got 50-53 cut off make and was not admitted, mean while a candidate scored 48-50 was admitted. so i bliv this people are just making fun of us student. please the post UME should be cancel

  72. The issue of post ume is just a way by which the institutes and lecturers make up money for thier selfish desires. I think that jamb and post ume should be cancelled, so that a student can go to the institute he/she wishes and get a form and the exam made as a common entrance examination as been done by secondary schools i think that will be the best way to solve this issues.

  73. Every body is entitle to be involve in malpractice, you may know as much as your brian recieved but seeing order student recieving answers from any body, i bet you that you will totally loose the confidence in yourself and willing to have yours. No body want to fail, every man fights for is own right cancelling or not, we all have been fated and destined, because i know counting myself to be poor today, doesn’t mean i will be poor forever, and more so, what will fight today, will be the pride of our futre ahead. (I support).

  74. co-youths i agree with you all. it is quite unfortunate to see what goes on in our universities; a case why you have all that’s required and yet don’t get admission. what an unpleasant state! it is rather unimaginable, that it is in Post UME that schools consider indegeneship and religion to award an admission. for instance, hardly do you see a christian obtain an admission into universities in the northern part of Nigeria and vise-versa. the case of cancellation of Post UME is a brilliant idea by the senate; the senate should by all means fight and get it out of the way, as their contribution to the undergraduates in our streets. i resign, please.

  75. I don’t really know why studying in Nigeria is made so difficult. Any child that wants to further into tertiary institutions should make the choice and the course, then proceed to the school to write their entrance exam with proof of his ssce and possible oral interview.

  76. p.u.m.e. is more bisuness oriented than education…nigeria is a fucked country…we are just in the sewer…living in the toilet of the earth…

  77. It is obvious that post ume has now become a nightmare to students in’s wonderful to have post ume crapped.Thanks to the house of assembly



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