Boko Haram Kills 20 Igbo Traders In Adamawa State

Members of the Boko Haram terrorist group in line with their threat to kill Christians and Southerners living in the North attacked an Igbo town hall meeting in Adamawa state, killing 20 and injuring 15.

Speaking to the Associated Press, local police commissioner Ade T. Shinaba said the attack took place on Friday at noon in Mubi, Adamawa, where a group of Igbo traders had gathered for a town hall meeting before the start of business.

“We started hearing many gunshots through the windows,” Okey Raymond, 48, who attended the meeting told the AP. “Everyone scampered for safety, but the gunmen chanted: ‘God is great God is great’ while shooting at us.”

Raymond said he hid under the table and escaped through the back door.

Boko Haram had, earlier this week, issued a warning in an email statement calling on northerners in the south to return and demanding that southerners living in the north evacuate the region.

Friday’s attack comes after the Thursday night killings carried out by suspected Boko Haram members at a church in Gombe state. The gunmen attacked a Deeper Life church in Gombe, killing six people, including the pastor’s wife.

Police say investigations are still ongoing, but says no arrests have been made yet.



  1. The battle line has been drawn,the north will completely wipe the south.Southerns are being killed while our leaders pretend all is well and we are one Nigeria.Southerns are so foolish that they can hardly see the handwriting on the wall.I challenge them to vacant the north with alacrity before they are completely wipe out.There is danger in delay.A sensible man runs from danger in order to live to fight again.Christians are mostly vicitm and only God knows how long we will suffers in the in the hand of the devils

  2. i just weep for the families…cos down here in the south we take care of these northerners regardless of their many flaws and help them, even with business, yet they repay good with evil. the igbos are wise, soon enough, this nonsense will end… i wont tell you how but just relax. when you slap a man’s face, and all he does is smile…, relax. they have power to take lifes, abi… when itz all over, remember this: a real man turns the other cheek…but will not drop his right from his grip… nobody will fight them physically, yet shame will cover them forever

  3. God is our ever present help in time of trouble… He is more than enough… Jehova Nissi, El-shaddai… The battle is the LORD’s. we’re just making the way. WE ARE JUST WATCHING boko haram challenging GOD ALMIGHTY. God bless you…dont lose patience brothers and sisters

  4. We the southeners, most especially igbos have been pushed to the wall by our northern counterpart, & our security agencies did nothing (may be they are in support of the northen killings) I here by call unto all southerner, to lynch, kill & destroy every muslems u set your eyez on. The battle have begun!

  5. i think its beta 4 dis country 2 be divided.bcus i dont really knw wat dis illitrate set of people called boko harams are fighting for.u say u are fightin against d western education,and u are killing d christian and d igbo’s.hw are dis people related to d western education.they leav d govmt they shud be fight against,and they are killing inocent people dat are not related to d govmt in any way.God will surely punish them and their sponsorers.

  6. If i should suject,i wil say dat d govt should bring ut a tranae dat wil stand and fight against dis northerns,b4 ur hand and my hand wil be taken off by d so called boko haram,d xctis should hav hop dat dey hav d weapon of war wic is d bible,bcos i knw dat God must surly fight 4 us

  7. It shall be well de peole of Nigeria, there is nthing impossible 4 God 2 do. De muslim wat war but we did not wat war, so let us pray 4 peace in Nigeria. All i knw is dat i don’t wat war bcos million of peole, building an development wil be destroy.

  8. I smell war. The Northaners are relocating home with full speed starting from 5th jan 2012. Those in Edo state would know better. Ekpoma market was empty yesterday no single Northaner in the market. Those that stays near the Express road will know what i am saying. Is this the sign of war? I am prepared the bombing incident is enough. Lets save the christian hood. Please tell you people who stays in the North to return home because i smell war. God help 9ja.

  9. I hate muslim with passion,some pretend dat islam doesnt teach dem such killings;;;Then why do they shoult God is Great while firing @ and killing Igbos and Christians in Adamawa. Surely if i ever lay my eyes on any of dem he will surely go 2 HELL and beg mohammed 4 mercy of all dat he has done. Mr RULER Split Nigeria b4 Anarchy arises. Rather dan sitting there and arguing about subsidy. Coz falling 2 do so ,u will run out dat seat wen tins gets out of hand. WARRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Fellow Christians Fuck Fear and Fight 4 ur Justice. And stop disturbing God. He can only Help U wen u hv done ur own part and share. He would come and do all 4 u while u sit and only talk while those Illiterates kill and murder our fellow educated innocent brothers and sisters. GOD HELP THOSE DAT HELPS DEM SELVES. May GOD Help us all.

  10. I ask, shuld we fold our arms n do nthing, it is said dat wen a stong wind blows, trees will bend down 4 it 2 pass, let southers in northern 9ja bend down 4 dis strong wind n above all reach out 2 God in prayers.

  11. My only best frnd is killed in yola, my fellow cristans are killed in mubi, yola, gombe and many more places, wat dan should i do? Should i go on and kill any muslim i c on d street? Haba nyako if 2 say dat its a muslim dat was killed den u will re-act. Dis is seriously nusensity, u muslim came in 2 our churchs and kill us, slauter us like rams, enogh is enogh, i am ever ready 2 do any tin dat comes like war, and as 4 u ngelare we cristan youth are ready 4 u, we will c who is who, ur tenur will soon be over and i promise u dat wors will happen 2 u. My fellow cristans pls take hard and lets wait 4 any mistake again…… JESUS IS LORD NOT muhanmad d devil