Funke Akindele Set To Be Second Wife Of Politician

Nollywood actress and producer, Funke Akindele popularly known as Jenifa is finally set to get married.
The engagement ceremony will hold on the 26th of May, 2012 in Lagos while the wedding will be in December.
The 35 year old Funke Akindele has finally revealed the identity of the man in her life which she has kept a secret for so long, he is Alhaji Kehinde Almaroof he is a phillantropist, businessman and a politician.

Almoroof formerly contested to be Oshodi local government chairman under PDP but lost to his ACN counterpart at the polls.

He is also a married man which makes Funke as his second wife come May 26.

Funke Akindele is one top actress that many up and coming actresses look up to. She is presently a Glo ambassador.


  1. Truely she is a rolemode but she need to possess her destiny becau is very importan but that doesn’t says every lady must go 4second wife anyway but all must believed that if it is destiny no one can change it. Wish u best luck

  2. Woowww. Seriously. Y d condemnation n negativity. If d man is marrying a 2nd wife means its legal. A Polygamous family is not a new thing in nigeria so y d drama. All that matters is that she’s happy and she really needs no ones approval. Happy 4d gOod new Funke wish u marital bliss u deserve it

  3. If I have the opportunity to talk to her, I will say, ‘funke, you are about to make the worse decision of your life’ you can’t can’t know peace when you disturb another person’s peace. Funke, whether you accept it or not, the stigma of a husband snatcher will stick to you as long as you last on the scene.

  4. Did I hear someone says its d bigest mistake of her life as if he’s her messiah.don’t know y people talk like dey re perfect.she is old enough to know wot’s good for her.if she’s settling for a 2nd wife.wot’s d big deal.husband snatcher indeed,dat sounds like a fools happy for u funke.wish u all d best

  5. Now funke is showing us the magic hand behind her sudden rise to mega stardom. Its hard to believe she can’t find the rite single guy cos I don’t see wat faithfulness or maturity a married man has that a single guy can’t have. The truth is people will say this lady may have been in this husband snatching for so long. Only God knows wat pain she has caused the first wife. From concubine to second wife is just a shift in seat, its still grooping in darkness. You may defend or rationaliE it, what’s wrong is wrong funke. Age notwithstanding. What did he promise u? Has been ur sponsor? This is not how to repay him.

  6. The girl is 35yrs hehehehehehheheheeeeee! You think she wont have settled for a young single man if she had ffound one…obviously oga has been bank rolling her movies now its pay back time Hehehehehehehehe!

  7. No wonder she could not make public the identity of the man till now. Becoming a rival as a second wife? It is regretably lugubrious! Jenifa…you just lost my respect. Anyway, I wish you the best sha.

  8. Oh jenny jennifa! How we love you. Is this the season 3 of jennifa. Should we call it ” Misturn of Jennifa” cos u re taking a wrong turn girl. Even if that guy has been your sponsor like someone speculated, you don’t have to throw away an opportunity to lead a great married life just becos of money. Even if u covet the tag alhaja, u can have that without being a second wife to an alhaji. What has God not blessed u wit, I thought u go to church. If my message gets to you jenny, pls think twice. There are great guys out there who will help you further ur career and still be the man ur heart desire. May be u ve been shopping in d wrong market, you wanna share a man wit someone else when u can have one for urself alone. The world is big u can marry a ghanian, oyinbo, hispanic or a jew and still be happy. Let God order ur step don’t follow ur vain heart cos its deceptive. Alhaji fiti marry up to 6 or 7 so where will dat leave u, jenny. Be the screen goddess and a real role model. If u can’t share ur undies why share a man?

  9. No matter how long, snake will shed it’s skin. After a long stealing of another woman’s thing, you finally make bold to claim it. I think you’ve morally failed larger percentage of those who love you. And If you go to church then you’ve proven to be fake christian. Cos that’s against christian ethics. But funke, every man has his price tag, and as for you, you are too cheap. How I wish this turn out to be a movie not reality.

  10. Jenny u shd no by now dat life is full of critics nd u can neva satisfy human being.wat u shd xpect is all comments ur seeing now but my advice is dat so long u ve satisfy wth dis ur actn nd u ve pray ova it pls follow ur heart.becouse as a human being u cannt do anytin urself nd anytin apening to anybdy at a particular time, it from ALLAH.HE MADE IT APENING BCOS HE CREATED U.In SUMMARY if it has bin desting dat u ll b 2nd wife u cannt change it.But a vry big chanlleges u might face is d issue of RELIGION, U may not undastand it now but later u ll see.GOOD LUCK 2U.

  11. Am very happy 4 u, u will not regret ur dicissn Insha Allah, bn a 2nd wife don’t mean u snacth some1 hubby. Their many 1st wife out there n they don’t ave peace in their home she might b 2nd n 100% beta n even ave peace of mind dan does dat go 4 1st wife. My dear ride on, all d best u will not regrate Insha Allah

  12. Am very happy 4 u, u will not regret ur dicissn Insha Allah, bn a 2nd wife don’t mean u snacth some1 hubby. Their many 1st wife out there n they don’t ave peace in their home she might b 2nd n 100% beta n even ave peace of mind dan does dat go 4 1st wife. My dear ride on, all d best u will not regrate Insha Allah, neva listen 2 ppls mouth i guess dey al jelousy

  13. Anything dats happening in dis life has been written no matter what people say,if Funke is pleased by her new husband, its God’s wish I therefore pray 4 her blissful marital life.Sulia ken aiyetoro ken.

  14. Wat d hell are u guys saying? Put ur self in shoe wat do expct,call her all sort of name dat doesn’t change her plan,if u happen 2b her am very sure u will do more than her,funke I wish u success and happy home in ur marriage

  15. Hmmmm. This life is complex o. For those of you that against Funke’s action, you spoke well and 4 those of you that supported her, you all spoke well. But there’s is a question I want to ask. Is it not good 4 a woman to go 4 a married and have peace of mind than 4 her to go for a single and at the end seek 4 divorce?

  16. But i tink u deserve a young Handsome guy instead of geting married to dat ugly Old Married Man…anywayz, i realy apreciate d fact dat u don’t lie wit ur age..unlike Genevive dat just celebrated 33yrs mean while She’s almost 40yrs….CONGRATS GURL….WISH U GUDLUCK…

  17. Funke has made her decision nobody should query her. Dere is no single guy on earth can withstand her becos guys of nowadays are not faithful, many of dem will be after her money. Funke my roles model I wish u success.

  18. I for one believe dat funky is old enough 2knw wht is right 4herself, even if she want to be a fouth wife is nt too bad since she hv made up her mind to fall in love she hv to prepare her mind to takes whatever come out 4rm it, bt i wish her best of luck.

  19. Funke it is a pity you are engaged with a married afterall i am single and am looking for a lady to be my wife.well less concerned about your happened because you think you are getting old everyday but assuming you are patient you will find you true love someday.but funke know that i love you and people loves you .you can call me on 08182201306

  20. Funke it is a pity you are engaged with a married afterall i well less concerned about your happened because you think you are getting old everyday but assuming you are patient you will find you true love someday.but funke know that i love you and people loves you.have a wonderful marriage.“funkey baby alias jenifa“.

  21. Funke, if it is a joke you better let the people know, because nobody will tell a hunter not to go into forest for hunting, so far he can prove himself infront of animals & evil spirits living & dining in the forest. Every people that want to marry will marry, but how & whom you marry will determine your success or failure both in marital & profession.

  22. Some pple are so foolish 2 d extent of arrogating demselves 2 God. Do de blive in God? Wel, de are pagans who blive in western indisciocracy. A lot of women who are monogamists are dia suffering(greatly)while many polygamist are enjoying. Never allows anybody place curse on u. B contended,faithful, prayerful,loyal,dutiful, obedient,respectful & accept ur destiny. Funke! Ibe asan e sowo,omo,alafia pelu aiku bale oro insallahu robbi. Wishing u a vibrant suceful & longlasting union.

  23. Please leave this lady alone if this move is what can make her happy let it be. At 35 do you want her to reach menopause all in the name of searching for unmarried man? Funke comport yourself and respect the other woman please don’t be distracted. Our Oga “ma ko oju Funke si oorun ale o” that is to say don’t use and dump.

  24. Evang Ebenezer Obey sang ”ko sogbon to le da, ko siwa to le wu………….” simply interprets that u can’t satisfy pple. Funke chose a career which ordinarily, pple wil condem & term indescent, yet, she exceled & bcame a star. Now her choice of a partner is bn condemd & termd nt descent , how ar u sure, she won’t excel & av a happy lastin marriage!!! Moreso how many SINGLE marriages ar successful in d World 2day? Leav judgment 2 God, face ur own probs, aftral it is her life/choice nt urs.

  25. Funke, i wish you the very best in your marital life, you have made a vital decision to have chosen whom your heart is nitted with. The wisdom of GOD will guide you through, you will be fruitful and your children will call you blessed. You will do your husband good all the rest of your life in Jesus’ name..Amen

  26. congratulation mrs kadjat, funke oloyede, am very happy 4 you, you have make a vital decision 4 choose mr almooruf oloyede as ur heart desire, lnshall Allahu you will not regret your action,dont mind what pples may be saying concerning ur marriage,is nt a crime neither sin 4 marry a marriage man@ 35, behinde any step or action dere must be a reason and destiny can never be change,l pray 2 almight Allahto bless ur marriage. HAPPY MARRIAGE LIFE, LUV UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

  27. Dear Funke, people have looked up tp you from when you were acting the in the educational series ‘I NEED TO KNOW…………’.

    To say we are disappointed is an understatement. At this point we can only pray for you and wish you the best.

  28. 4 godness sake wch upcoming guy is ready 4 b dere 4 a 35yrs old lady….she is old enof 2 knw wot is gud 4 her, ol u need is to support her with prays nt 2 discourage her “FOOLS”… i knw most of u discouragin her are d types dat has no future if not such words will not b comin out of a responsible being. Funke wishin u happy married life

  29. I love funke akindele films but did not buy her idea of goin for a second wife I can understand she is not gettin younger based on her age but she would hve waited and put her trust on God havin a husband dat no woman shares with one is d best well she has made her decision we wil only pray for her dat God will see her tru chichi aka chibaby