Nigeria’s Power Supply Will Be Among The Best In The World By 2020 – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan says power supply in Nigeria will be among the best 20 in the world in the next eight years.

The president gave the assurance in Lagos yesterday at the 40th Annual General Meeting of Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN).
Represented by Dr Samuel Ortom, Minister of State for Trade and Investment, the president said government would do everything possible to address the “structural weaknesses standing between us and revolutionizing the power sector”.

“Some of the problems are deep, but not beyond the government. We are currently reviewing the lapses in the power sector to make it one of the best in the world in the year 2020. Nigeria is on the threshold of history, ready to join the world economic powers in the very near future”, he said.

The president said the emphasis of government was to promote the processing of the nation’s natural resources for consumable commodities, saying this would also beef up “our export portfolio”.

He said the government’s effort at attracting local and foreign investors into the economy was yielding positive results. “More than 16,000 local and foreign investors have registered their intentions to do business worth about N6.6 trillion in just one year,” he said.

The president lauded the MAN’s blueprint to boost the sector, assuring them that the consideration of the blueprint would be highly valued by the government and put to work.

The MAN President, Mr. Kola Jamodu, said the manufacturing sector was one of the most powerful engines for economic growth and a catalyst for transformation of the nation’s economic structure. (NAN)


    • What has Nigerians view got to do with home training? The president is a big tym mumu. He makes too much noise & promises thinking that Nigerians are stupid enof not to know that he seeks to run another term in office. He is the doll-est president in the history of Nigeria. When never issues come up for him to tackle, he keeps running to the church or mosque for blessing from the pastors & imams. I have never heard of any president who keep running to this places to think that God will answer your questions without facing the reality with sincerity.
      Let him better step down and move into the churches or mosques if he wants to be holier than the challenges ahead.

      Useless militant President

  1. I dont know which is which:- Our Excellencies at the centre either like playing wt figures or words; only God knows how many ‘year 20 this, year 20 that’ that the good people of this nation were promised ‘paradise living’ only for the year to catch up wt d ‘promiser’ in d face without actualisation; and with time, Nigerians forget. As far as im concerned, this is another ‘IGANMUSHE’-(i.e. a brazen deceit)
    Before 2015 nko? we are suppose 2 put up wt epileptic power supply. Nigerians deserve positive realistic action and nt political statements. God bls Nigeria.

  2. Mr. President or whatever u called urself, I cannot not openly abuse u simply because I waz not trained like dat when I waz a kid. Now I see the reason why some uses hard words on u. Am sorry it’s unfortunate u’re the opposit of ur name. I just can’t figure out the type of person u’re. A son of Solomon who increased the task of the Israelites or what? Since u’re voted into power, all ur efforts have been targeted towards increasing the poor masses task in this country. Why are u such a wicked fellow? U’re the one who is making ur administration to attrack enemies to ur self by the nature of economic policies u pursues since u were elected into power. Imagine the type of unreasonable unbelievable increament u allowed in the power sector. Where in the world do they increase masses sufferings to such an unimaginable height? I went to the power holding company of Nigeria the other day recharge my meter, but I waz mad on what I saw there. I waz told that the increament of what used to be #75 per month before is now #500. Can u imagine such unreasonable ways of administrations? What have the poor masses in this country done to u? So, the offence they committed waz voting u into power? In the fuel subsidy removal, that is the only issue u can act like a military man which u said u’re not. And effects of that ur useless policy is still sending so many innocent Nigerians to hell. So, judging from what the increament looks like now, who is helping who? Is it the poor masses that u have practically keep out of power supply that u’re helping or ur fellow unfortunate satanic wicked individuals who have been detailed to come and make people sorrowful? A man who cannot afford this unreasonable increament, do u expects him to stay without electricity in his own father’s land? If the person decides to go the other way round, will u blame him. That increament shuld be reverted immediately unless u have decided not to listen to the cries of the poor masses in this country at all.

  3. Even a child of two years knows Goodluck has never told Nigerians d truth. PDP has failed us enough. In 2015, they must give chance to another party to try. Johnathan should stop campaigning for 2015 bcos even d grasses and sand will arise and oppose him. Period.

  4. Hmmm…. I will always thank God for something, the thing is that, I didn’t vote for Jonathan, I was telling people that if GEJ happens to come out from another Platform, maybe I would have give Him my vote. Now people Voted Him into power he is now using the power flog all of His voters. Now in January, subsidy was removed which caused inflations and all of His promises concerning subsidy removal, we are yet to see anything. Now in June Electricity has been increased with more than 100% increment. Very soon you will privatise the power sector in the name of reform. We all know that private investors will only invest because of their own profit which they will derive from it. Many people will ask them (private power company) to come and pack their wire because it will be too expensive for the poor, which means that only the wealthy will be able to use light. So back to square 1. Must you sell the power sector before f
    ind solution to its problem? As a matter of fact, GEJ and PDP are not having good plan for Nigeria. Nigerians wake up. God bless Nigeria.

  5. pres GEJ u hav com again, all ur numerous campaign promises where re they? if nt dat u re my president i wld hav calld u a blatant liar or i wld hav said dat u lie more than d master f lies d devil, what re we goin 2 gain frm u NOW dat u re in power, just tell us one thing, apart frm fuel price hike, electricity price hike nd who knows what nxt u re plannin 2 jack up d price? how do u “pple” want d poor masses 2 survive in dis expensive nd dilapidated country nigeria?

  6. David Oladunjoye or whatever u useless name is got fuck urself okay. This country has failed we have all d resources but notting to show for it electricity should be the least of our problem and contributing to uuemployment in this country and the govt,. know this. He said by 2020 he’s campaingn for next election okay Mr home trainer go fuckurself if u got nottin to say. Why can’t dey invite expert frm other country and let them tell us how much it wil cost of to put this together all they do is shot on the media. A journey of a thousand mile begins wit a mile okay they cant achieve anythin they r all full of lie av been to other countries and i knw hw things work. Bring them to the media let them talk hw dey want to do this and mek every progress knw to d public so go sit down mr good man.