Police Summon Pastor Tunde Bakare Over Sermon On President Jonathan

Men of the State Intelligence Bureau of the Nigeria Police have extended invitation to fiery Lagos preacher, Pastor Tunde Bakare, over what police sources see as a controversial sermon against President Goodluck Jonathan.

The invitation signed by one Usman Ayuba (a chief superintendent of police) is sequel to a sermon which he (Pastor Bakare) delivered in his church wherein he accused President Jonathan of deliberately trying to bankrupt the country.

Publicity secretary of the Save Nigeria Group, Mr. Yinka Odumakin, who confirmed the development in a chat with LEADERSHIP on telephone, however, said Bakare, the leader of the group, was aware of the summon.

Bakare, the running mate to the presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, in the last general election was billed to honour the invitation but had left the country on Wednesday.

“We saw an invitation by the police asking Pastor Bakare to honour an invitation regarding a sermon that he delivered sometime ago, but, as I am talking to you now, he is out of the country,” Odumakin said.

Though, it was speculated that security agents might prevent him from making the journey, which many believe was to the United States of America, he made without it hindrance.

Excerpt Of Pastor Bakare’s Sermon
“We have vampires whose assignment is to kill Nigeria and to make sure that Nigeria does not exist thereafter. Suddenly Nigeria that was that cheered now has clueless, shoeless people take over the administration of Nigeria.

“And the one word I have for Nigerians is, don’t despair. Jonathan is dancing to the drumbeat of destiny. His destiny is to bankrupt Nigeria. All men of goodwill must rise up to stop him. And stop him we will do. And I said stop him we will do. Don’t make mistake about what you are hearing from me today, it is clear in my heart beyond any iota of doubt that Jonathan’s destiny is to bankrupt Nigeria, balkanize Nigeria.

And there are forces behind him totally committed and determined to do so. Oil vultures with petrol dollars and all kinds of political “tinkers” not thinkers are tinkering with the destiny of our nation with their palace prophets telling them peace when there is no peace.

I want to tell you that it does not matter what it takes, we will stop you. We will stop you dead in your tracks. You will not accomplish your assignment. You will not finish your assignment. Nigeria will vomit you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Turn your Bible with me to the Book of Chronicles. Tell it on the mountain top that this man is dancing the drumbeat of destiny.

His destiny is to bankrupt this nation and balkanize it and he has the full support of his corporate cowboys and oil vultures as well as their palace prophets who are telling them peace when there is no peace because I don’t understand how a nation will be going through calamity upon calamity and those who should be concerned will only be prancing around. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how you can serve your nation and serve bomb blast inside a church in Jos for breakfast.

And before they could recover from that anguish you serve them air crash for lunch. And before they could gain their moment of sanity, you serve them with petro dollar bribe and now you vaunt about it telling us nothing can happen because you are in charge, the land will vomit you as the Lord lives in the name of Jesus Christ and every collaborator will not go unpunished.

Your year of punishment has come. Tell it on the mountain top that there are still men of goodwill who will stop you dead in your tracks.

I am not talking about deluded ambitious politicians who now think of 2015 when the nation is in a mess in 2012. We can do all the tinkering, if we don’t rise up now there will not be 2015.”

-Leadership News


  1. The pastor need to be patriotic in hi public outburst, this nigeria belong to all of us and we must do everything to suport it as a unified entity. Conderming mr. president at this challenging time should not be politicised, try to over possible solutions

  2. We all know that Nigeria is not well govern country right, we all know that our leaders they can not do or put things together well for us to benefit from more than what they are doing. I must say that a pastor can advise, pray, prophesy etc for a president but not to condemn him and his doing.

  3. Mr president is a politician, My able pastor is also a politician, both of these people are from different political party, they all dance to the beat of election, but our beloved president was choosed as the best dancer , help me to ask Mr pastor , why do they wish to frustrate our president , why are they planning to disorganise his plans for this tennur, how can we defend this pastor if some one should against him by saying is one of those that are troubling nigerians, because i don’t see reason why he should polute the mind of his church member against the president of a whole federal republic of nigeria, A man called to the vinyard don’t talk the way and manner he use. If i may ask , is that a revelation from GOD or what,pls PASTOR LETS PUT POLITICS ASIDE WHEN EVER YOU WANT TO SPEAK THE WORDS OF GOD, BECAUSE U CAN NOT BE IN THE SPIRIT AND YET STILL REMEMBERING , WHAT SOME ONE HAS DONE WRONG TO YOU. PLS LETS GIVE WHAT BELONG TO CASSEAR TO CASSEAR AND WHT BELONG TO GOD TO GOD .

  4. Look at wat losing in an election has done to Alfa Bakare.
    B4 u start anoda BH with ur inciting utterances, I ll advice u relocate to d grave cus that is d only place where u have the kind of atmosphere u r talking about.
    Go get life TB

  5. Has bakare lied? Is GEJ not trying to bankrupt the nation?? From my own perspective, bakare is free to express his opininons cos GEJ is a tragic disappointment. The truth is the truth, GEJ isn’t trying for this country at all and there’s no point ignoring that fact, my respect is for his position but I despise the man. And speaking of real pastors pls remember u weren’t party to anyone’s calling (or not) so be smart not to judge.

  6. Most of you who speak against Pastor Tunde. Bakare. Do not mean well for Nigeri. Tell me how many voices we have that opposes the govt when they ate wrong. Gani, Fela they are gone. Look, we should all styand up and join bakare, else we ll keep having poor governance. The future of our children re in our hands. SAY NO TO BAD AND CORRUPT GOVT. Pastor or no pastor we are all nigerians, let’s stand for what’s right

  7. This is rather vitrolic. Pstr. Bakare’s vituperations smark respect for God’s chosen one- the country’s President. GEJ can nt b President without d Lord’s making and as such deserve respect frm all nd sundry– including dis Prophet of God if he’s truly one.

  8. Look at what the shame of losing outrightly in an Election is causing you BAKARE!
    You know too much; that’s your problem!
    If God TRULY called you as a pastor, why would the SAME God call you to go into politics to disgrace you? Haba, BAKARE! Is He(God) not the same God who knows the end from the beginning!
    We know you’re seeking relevance after master-minding the Bombings in Bauchi after losing out woefully.
    History will never forgive you, BOKO HARAM!
    Why didn’t CPC think of SAVE NIGERIA when you were busy sending innocent souls to early grave?
    You’re a WOLF in Sheep’s clothing!

  9. Well am not surprise reading this to this pastor, I think pastors should turn their bible where bible said we should respect our readers, you had speak it all, your one of this men that is behind this bombing because that is only way you people are destroying our government, pray for our readers not to talk against them because your pastor.

  10. I feel pastor Tunde Bakare is truly passionate about Nigeria. I would have appreciated if proposed Nigeria solution is itemised in writing to Mr President. GEJ is human who did not budget Boko Haram, air mishap, sack of bank officials without any offence record, oil and gas probe disappointment etc before his enthronement. Anyone in that positio could be helpless as well. May God this country and make it belong to Him.

  11. Telling d truth is always bitter, no problem without solution but does d president care abt d recommendation given to him?, 4 d issue of BH was dat how late Yaradua solved d problem of niger delta?. From his speech he on Tv show signs of arrogant, is it d opponent dat increase d fuel price and treating to increase d electric tarrif?, is it d opponent dat increase corruption among d top officials, nowadays graduate cannot get employment without d help of godfathers, those without godfather shd go to hell, job is now a treasure to b awarded or for compensation, increasing d trend of rich to rich pple, things worsen everydays without improvement. His mission is purely to divide Nigeria, take it or leave it.

  12. Don’t blame GEJ&BAKARE because they are all in the same caucus but I think mr bakare is right not by condemning GEJ but by saying the truth. We are saying GEJ is GOD chosen because BH has never bomb our father or mother or close family member then we will sing a new song. GEJ is too SHALOW

  13. Hear me and hear me well, all critics of pastor tunde bakare, one thing i know for sure about this great man of God is that, He does not compromise the word of God like some egunje pastors do,
    And he does not speak when God has not told him to speak, his foundation is firm and solid, a pastor like him are few in this country, i believe he is the voice of God to our Generation, we are all withness to all the looting in our nation today, and all we do is speaking and speaking grammer no action. so let the voice of God speak, it does not matter how any body feels about it.and be careful who u criticise so that u dont end up placing a curse on your life, bec there are men of God carrying God’s mantle upon there head.
    and there are men that are not carrying any thing they are just looking for how to make ends meet. so watch what u say——

  14. Pls don’t mind dat evil and dirty fake pastor.wen did he start politics! He’s only frustrated becos he’s a failure ΐn all aspects , as a pastor and ΐn politics. At this time all we need is peace Ãήϑ encourgmnt .U hav spoilt all d plans Mr president had 4 d country, U tink we don’t know U hav hands ΐn all these bombings? Hmmmm! Be careful wit dat demonic mouth of yours,am warning U.

  15. Those who dance are considered as insane by those who cannot hear the sound of the music.Pastor Bakare is product of the failure and frustration.How can a Pastor involve himself in such an active politics to the extent of been a running mate to the so called Unbeliever-Gen. Buhari. Has Bakare fogoten d biblical injunction “do be equally yoked with unbelievers.Bakare shld go back to God that called him into d ministry and ask for forgiveness and re-direction or he can closed down his church,resign from d min.then join Nigeria politics lets see how far he can go.

  16. I am personally infuriated by a particular comment from one oluwa……., who in her conclusion implied that we should be mindful of the way we talk to man of God (tunde bakare)else, we incure the wrath of God! Well, i dont blame her atall cos, some pple ar created to be shallow minded. This pastor and so many other pastors have succeeded in hypnotising thier members and turned them into a moron;taking away every edible thing needed in man to make him a living soul away from him. U have the moral right to warn us here not to use a foul word against a man who did not only insult the president of this nation(without do consideration) but has also insulted nigerians in several occasions! A man, whose choice of words are always abussive words:foul words that ar capable of igniting the anger of mr president, or is this all part of the freedom of speach? I bet u that if i am the president of this country, this man will remain in prison custody ,where he will have fellow criminals like him to be preached for, until he finally repent, bcos to me, he dont even know what it means to be a child of God, let alone being one.

  17. Pastor “Trouble” Bakare is a disgruntld element.As a pastor,politician and opinion moulder he has faild.
    I pity his blind followers.His reckless display of hatrd against Jonathan frm the pulpit calls for a thorough evaluation of this fake pastor.
    Why is he not condeming the wanton loss of human lives by the Boko Haram.He should be arestd.

  18. Why ‘re u condemning pastor Bakare. He is neither de 1st nor de last to criticise GEJ in dis manar. Wat Pstor Bakare said about de GEJ administration is de truth. Every Nigerians knows it. It’s nt a mater of moslem or christian. . This administration is bad.

  19. pastr t. bakare, u didn’t speak well, even if pres GEJ is nt livin up 2 expectatn atleast we know dat boko haram, d rot & corruptn in dis country hav bn existin b4 his administratn, it is obvious dat some evil men (probably politicians) in dis country re using boko haram & other vices 2 frustrate pres GEJ & 2 make dis country ungovernable 4 him, i expected u as a man f God 2 pray 4 pres GEJ, advise nd encourage him. nxt time watch what u say lest u lead many astray, if u r frustrated bcos u lost out in d past, 4get it nd wait 4 another turn but if u re acting a script written by ur masters then know dat u re headin 4 destructn.

  20. The problem wit many Nigerians is that we are too naive to know the extent of damages the Nigerian government is causing to it’s masses. Some of u who are commenting do not even know what the bible said about government. Apostle Paul advised christians to obey the rules and regulations of the government so that they will not kill us wit their boots. Bible never ask anyone not to express himself whenever he feels cheated. In Nigeria, who do u think will stand and speak to the government on behalf of the people? Is it the national house assembly, the police, the army, the labour union, the traditional rulers? People be wise. Even human act and the Nigerian constitution never forbids anyone from self expression or freedom of speech. It is only part of this world that people are so afraid of criticising the government because of our level of illiteracy and ignorance. Government in actual sense is meant to obey the voice and wishes of the people not the other way round. The truth of the matter is dat government of these days is too satanic and wicked in such a way dat ur voice is the last thing they wants to hear. This particular government has come to add sorrows to poor masses lives in this country and it has to be stopped. How many of u visited power holding company of Nigeria office recently to recharge ur meters? Go there and u will understand the degree of damages the government is inflicting in the lives of ordinary Nigerians. People are dying in this country on a daily basis and some people are here 4 sentimental arguements.

  21. For change to come, it needs to start from the churches, the mosques n other religious gatherings. The education of the people should start from these places. The earlier we see the evil n backwardness in our society. Hala Revolution!

  22. All sentiments apart. Are those condemnin Pastor Bakare sayin that Johnathan is doin well? It’s ridiculous! Even PDP knows that Mr President has failed Nigerians. Goodluck himself knows his mission- to come and inflict sufferin on Nigerians and he is doin that perfectly well. Johnathans ascension seems to be God’s punishments on Nigerians bcos of our sins or he is an agent of Satan.

  23. is Pastor is no longer a tittle for ordained men of God? what brings in politicians into the tittle? this Tunde should not be called a pastor. This must be the the feeling of failure on his election. if he is really a man of God Y not pray for the leadership of the nation? Y is he running rather?
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  24. Ɣ Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ ιτ ϑατ мƔ pple lacks vision despite all τђё big eye balls ιη τђё their heads?Ɣ Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ ιτ ‎​§☺ glaring ϑατ МƔ pple ƨτΐℓℓ lacks real knowledge,despite all their educational accomplishments ιη †н!s country?Ƒσя Heaven’s sake,​ΐ can’t blif ϑατ ωε cαη ƨτΐℓℓ find some pple defending τђё clueless ãήϑ confused president ωε have ιη reality.Have ωε ever ask ourselves ιη deed ãήϑ ιη truth if ωε αrε really enjoying τђё benefits σƑ a sovereign nation? Ιτ Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ woe upon woe, wt all ωђa† nature blessed us wt?C’mon,мƔ pple regardless σƑ Bakare’ƨ interest ιη governing †н!s great nation,​ΐ think ωε sud learn τǿ βε objective ãήϑ fearless τǿ critisise bad leadership ατ any level σƑ Oυr society.Afterall,ιτ belongs τǿ us all ãήϑ N☺†̥‎​ all σƑ us ω‎​​ΐℓℓ have such audacity ℓȊ̝̊̅kε τђё мαη σƑ Goδ.

  25. I wonda why pastor TB/Boko H. originator is still walkin freely on ur land. He is a politan not a man of GOD heaven knows. On my jument, blood scoker Tunde B you are here by sentce to 60! Years in prisonmt 4 BECOMING a polittan. If u rept & go on air to tell 1.40 million naija dat u’re sorry 4 ur foolish conmt u’ll be 4given.

  26. iteshi and oluwatimilehin, thank u very much for your comment, and tumb up for u guys u have answer the critics of His eminent pastor tunde bakare , am not surprise about that ( unfortunate who calls him self fortunate) u can imaine what is vomiting from his mouth, is obvious that u have never been out of this country even for one night and u dont even read the bible talkless of understanding it, in the days of king paharoh as wicked as he is in his days there are still men of God who stood and thou said the lord, no wonder u are still were u are, take a look at what is happening in the national assembly , take a look at what is going on in the oil sector, and ask yourself a question, we cant be slaves in our own country this country also belong to pastor bakare and all of us, if things continue like this and there is no voice to speak what God is saying then God for bid children will spit in there fathers grave, recently we just learn that ships were cought stealing crude in the creeks , i laugh like obj said, is it today that we knew that such business has been going on for decades by so called pdp carbals, i think iteshi and his gang should go and sleep for 5 days and think about there life before commenting.
    this is not the first government tunde bakare has spoken to on bad governance he was in the four front of the people who protested in eagle squre in abuja when the carbal want to stop GEJ. most of u could;ent even leave were u are, not to talk of traveling to abuja.

  27. Akeye or whatever u proclaimed ur name to be,i reserve the blame that was originally meant for u to ur family who failed to teach i about human ethics.u have either squanderd ur respect in the alter of mediocracy or did not acquire any from ur home. I truly wish that i can see a more ambiguos way of describing the level of ur stupidity.ur mentally deranged pastor did not tell u that you should give honour to whom honour is do? U dare brought ur stinking self into this fold; hallucinating around like a mad man chasing nothing. Mr tunder bakare (cos he is devoid of the qualities of a pastor) is nothing but a frustrated man, who has lost it all and now uses miscreant like u to inflict pains on nigerians in a disguise;knowing that he that is down already fears no other fall, Infact, he is looking for who will kill him. What has he done to nigerians to convice us that he is worthy of his words? Which of his prophesis has ever came to pass? Including his revelation to rule nigeria! Was it not this same man that prophesised onasanjos death? Yet up till today, obj is bouncing like a new born baby. From which hell do dis man get his prophesies? He is now the chiarman of save nigerian group,a group who have succeeded in achieving nothing than resorting into a toothless bulldog! I dont know y i am wasting my time on a man who is obviously unlishing his frustration;having failed in an election that he was so desparate to win, to the extent that he had to partner with a muslim in quest of power. Since when has mr tunde become the saviour of nigeria? Anyway, if his mumuish followers should go ranting, let them take solace from the saying that says that “he who fetchs an ant inflicted firewood, should expect a lizard for a dinner. Miserable sychophant.

  28. Hunhun, oga o, na wa! Different people with different views. I know time will tell. Whether what Bakare said is what should be our concern or how an average Nigerian will conveniently eat 3 square meals in a day is what we should concern ourselves with, time will tell. Whether Jonathan deserves criticisms or accolades, we’ll know very soon. Good morning my compatriots.

  29. Nigerianshow long will you be blind, how long will religious sentiment and lack of understanding cloud your judgement. If everything Pastor Bakare said came from Wole Soyinka we will all believe it and hail the Man too. Yes he’s a Pastor but should that stop him from speaking the truth. Take a break and think of the thousands of children dying of hunger and d thousands of people dying on road accidents everyday. All this because our able president thinks leadership is for empty heads like himself and those he has put as his advisers. If he knows that there are powers that he cannot overthrow then let him do the honourable thing and step down because really at this point this country does not have a president but a confused man sitting in Aso rock. God bless you Pastor Tunde, believe me there are more that are for you than those against you.

  30. unfortunate child who calls himself fortunate, u can’t even copy the name rightly akeye instead of akeyo, that shows how shallow your thinking is…
    so no one should waste his or her precious time talking to a doll head and empty brain like u, i dont go to pastor bakare;s church and i dont belong to save nigeria group, but i can differenciate betwwen a fool like u unfortunate child who was born as a result of one night stand ,with your mother, after your unknow father smoked his ganja and paraga, u are so blind that u dont even know what is going on in the nation called nigeria and u talk from the both side of your mouth, for your information , His eminent pastor bakare is fighting for himself get that direct to your brain he a very comfortable man he can be listed as one of the richest in nigeria today i know what am talking about, but he left all that to fight for the common man, many country who had there independent after us are u not ashame when u see were they are today, but even ordinary light is a problem for u bec i know the light were u leave u cant even pay the bills so am sure u dont have light for the past 2 month is only ceber cafe that allow u to mess around in this platform no wonder u are unfortunate. idiot. bakare is the voice of the downthruden nigerians and also the voice of God to our nation if u like go and enter the the pit of hell ok, u are just a dommy

  31. Akeyo thank u very much for helping me to answer that unfortunate child, i wish i have much time so that i can send him home to his mother who dump him as a child as a result of rape , that is the the result of what we are seeing on this platform, that unfortunate child has a brain problem so akeyo dont get mad at him pls, he said pastor bakare has not said some thing that has come to pass, haahaaahaaaaa , i dey laugh like obj said . it just show that he does not even know this pastor called bakare that he is talking about if not u wold have listed 10 out of what he has spoken about this nation and we are withnessing it today, for your information this pastor is carrying the fire of God he is not an ordinary man, if not people like ABACHA OR IBB would have taken him away on the surface of the earth, but he is a man with heaven protection mor than 500 Armoured tanks put together, i will advice u unfortunate child to listen to moment of truth every sunday on channels television. to know more about who u are talking about ok

  32. I fully agreed with Pastor and welcome his concerns for this great country.But before that,he should bring back to life all the people that died and the properties that worth billions of naira destroyed in the post election riot ignited by his CPC party which he Pastor Bakare and General Buhari were key drivers.As pastor,if you really meant well for this country you pray that GOD in HIS infinite mercy should intervene and halt the ugly happenings and experienses we have been having before President Jonathans’ regime.Please,Mr Pastor,mind your utterances expecially while addressing your congregation or croud of people.You should know that you are a prominent figure,on one hand you are Pastor and at the other, you are a politician and as a result,your utterances could bridge gaps among Nigerians or inturn cause a potential damages in our existence as a country.Please,Pastor,you and your political lord sould leave our President alone,after his tenure if GOD says you will be there nothing stops you but for now you people should allow him(President) to his work

  33. Well after reading series of posts here,I was just eager to drop a piece of line here.though am not in Nigeria but I follow up situations on web.let me single out a moronic person called “akoye” or whatever.do u know the principles of a religious leader??did Jesus ever advocated “slander?”.this shows the level of stupidity ur dwindling in.you shouldn’t come here and talk trash.did bakare questioned OBJ and backlashed him during his eight years tenure?tribalism??Nigeria will never move forward if tribalism remains an issue just like racism in America. Bakare is not a prophet of God because he seems to be politically practicing politics in church.he should focus on salvation which is what is needed in this earth Kos when we all die,where will we go??not johnathan or rubbish politics.finally akoye should be groomed on how to talk sensitively on certain issues nor talk like a moron.

  34. To those of you who are angry with the good Pastor, I have a question. ‘ Has the man lied against Jonathan and his government?
    It is high time the plain truth is let out and it does not matter if it comes from a pastor, imam or anyone for that matter.
    I respect pastor Bakare for his boldness and hope to see more of his type in the days ahead.
    By the way where is the fresh air we were promised?

  35. i am personally not a political fan of pastor tunde bakare of latter rain assembly, but i still respect him as a man of God irrespective of his political opinions which i have constantly disagreed with. but let us come to terms with the issue of his summon by the nigerian police. how many times have they arrested any norther for comments that are divisive and controversial. when atiku abubakar made a comment that this nation will be ungovernable after the election and actually those word seem to come to pass through norther backed boko haram, which police officer had the audacity to arrest him. or the press conference mohamadu buhari convened to tell nigerians that blood will shed what which could lead to insecurity in any country, who did anything to him. i hope the nigeria police are acting on their own and not an order from the president.

  36. When a nation is forgotten in the mortuary of advancement, it goes the ways of Nigeria and Nigerians. How many so called men of God in Nigeria can ever try the God-backed boldness of Pastor Bakare? Nigerians will never learn. Has Pastor Bakare lied or spoken anything wrong against any of these God-forsaken bigots tagged Nigerian leaders, and most unfortunately – President Goodluck Jonathan? Whoever has any contrary opinion to Pastor Bakare’s NAKED TRUTHS should voice out. Nigerian religionists are too DOCILE, hence their sidon-look attitude from the altar to the pew. One thing is sure – if Nigerians have been serving God truly, a Demon appointed and Blood Sharing Vampire of Jonathan’s personality would never find his way onto the seat of Nigeria’s leadership. Madness is when you keep doing the same thing the same way and expect a different result. If our presumed services onto God hitherto never yielded any result (particularly on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway), all Nigerian believers should repent and follow Pastor Bakare in the BRT of Truth he is driving. Pastor Bakare – go on GOD is your strength.