13 Die in Benin-Ore Road Accident

About 13 passengers died in a motor accident on the Benin-Ore road this morning at around 7.45am.
The accident involved two vehicles, a mass transit Toyota Hiace bus and an Iveco truck descending a slope before they had a head-on-collision.
13 passengers however died on the spot and their bodies have been deposited at Shiloh hospital, ugbogui in Edo State, while the surviving ones are said to be receiving treatments.


  1. President Bad luck jonathan, u are a disgrace to the easterners and the entire nation. Look at what ur insensetivity and ineffectiveness is causing the families of those that lost their loved ones. Benin-ore road has so unmotorable for a very long time without a face lift. Shame!!!

  2. Its a pity we r losing Inocent pple on d road again,if d gvrt had put d road in a standard form no mad. driver will b driving against on coming vehicle.most of d hold up witness in every part of d state r usually caused by bad pot holes,wea is d money burgetd for reconstruction & rehabilitation of dis roads going every year.smbdy sm wea is licking his mouth with dirty soup God will judge.

  3. it may be u and it may be i, but GOD has always been fair to you as u are reading this message that it did not happen to you.it is not by our holiness or right to have been alive up till now.this set of people that died now was also among the living when we had d last plane crashed but today they are also no more, living behind love ones. our air, sea and land transport is not even safe. i think it is high time our leaders should help us out or do they want us to go bak into the ancient method of transportation by foot which their is no record of fatal accident