Jonathan: I Can Rule Beyond 8 Years

Nigeria President has declared that he has the right to rule more than eight years in office. Recently, he stated that its too early to declare his stance on 2015 during his presidential media chat. But based on his claim below, every reasonable Nigerian should be able to read their president’s mindset. Please read full details below.

President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday affirmed that his stay in office could legally go beyond eight years under certain conditions.

Jonathan told an Abuja High Court hearing a suit against his alleged 2015 re-election bid. Jonathan while responding in a suit asking the court to declare him ineligible to run for re-election because that would extend his tenure beyond the maximum eight years provided by the constitution, given that he took over as President in May 2010 after the death of then-President Yar’Adua.

The case was filed by Peoples Democratic Party presidential aspirant, Mr Cyriacus Njoku, on March 20 seeking the determination of section 135 (2) and 137 (1) of the Constitution which limit presidential tenure to maximum of two terms of four years each.

Njoku is asking the court to determine whether in spite of these provisions President Jonathan can seek re-election and take a third oath of office having already taken oaths twice, first on May 6, 2010 after Yar’Adua’s death and then on May 29, 2011 after the general elections.

Yesterday, while arguing the substantive motion, counsel to Njoku, Mr Ugochukwu Osuagwu, cited the Supreme Court decision in January on General Buba Marwa and INEC where it held that no elected person can stay in office beyond an initial term of four years. This was the ruling that affected the tenure of the five governors who won re-run elections in 2008.

But counsel to Jonathan, Mr Kenechukwu Nomeh, who represented Mr Ade Okeaya-Inneh (SAN), argued that under section 315 (3) of the constitution, a president could stay in office for additional time beyond his tenure in certain circumstances.

“The tenure of occupant of an office can be extended by the National Assembly for six months in following conditions: when the nation is at war and in situation of death of the occupant of the office which applies to President Jonathan,” he said.

Also citing the decision of the Supreme Court on Ojukwu and Obasanjo in 2004, Nomeh argued that section 137 (1) (d) contemplated a “person elected into office twice” not by appointment into same office though both entails oath taking.

He urged the court to dismiss the suit for being incompetent and premature.

Also in its counter affidavit, the PDP represented by Mr I. C. Paul argued that under section 137 of the constitution, Jonathan was only elected once into office in April 2011 and still “has the right to contest for a fresh term if he so wishes.”

Earlier, Justice Mudashiru Oniyangi overruled an objection by Jonathan and the PDP that a certain newspaper publication is not a sufficient cause of action. The publication in question, marked Exhibit VRA 1, is the Punch newspaper of March 16, 2012, which contained a statement credited to the Jonathan’s spokesman Reuben Abati alluding to the President’s intention to seek re-election.
Oniyangi also upheld the submission of Mr Njoku that the suit being a constitutional matter, he needed not show evidence of sufficient interest as locus standi to institute the action.
October 18, has been fixed for next judgement, considering that the annual vacation of the FCT High Court begins on August 6.


  1. Why can jonathan concentrate on the issue at hand? Nigeria’s economy is diminishing and corruption and anarchy are now the order of the day. Does he know if he can complete this tenure with this failure government? Jonathan is biting what he can not chew. May God help Nigeria.

  2. Consitutionaly,Mr.Jonathan can rule more than 8yrs.If ppl don’t wants him to rule,why didn’t they hold Yar Adua from dieing.
    When they are forming the constitution,why didn’t they think of if a president should die in office what will follow. Every body in nigeria must contribute to d growth of the nation. Other parties opposing pdp are the ppl contributing to the shame of this great nation.

  3. Constitutionaly,Jonathan can go for nest term. Bad belle partner working with mr Joe,will all be put to shame. Badkere will die very soon.

  4. What should occupy the mind of a serious-minded leader in Nigeria now is how to find permanent solution to the myriads of problems confronting the country now, NOT how his lack-lustered regime could be elongated either legally or otherwise…

  5. we are talking about boko haram, what the president will think on how he will resolve the case he is taking about another term, it’s not fair at all.

  6. Am sure that GEJ and those pushing him into such dangerous angenda wants nigeria in civil war where even parents would fight against their children. GEJ should learn about Samuel Doe, Idi Ami of uganda, and the recently killed Gadafi. There is nothing to credit GEJ’s administration to inspite of the global economic crisis which nigeria was to take advantage of to move the nation forward. GEJ have not been able to solve any internal problems of nigeria. Boko Haram was an offspring of PDP. Corruption is at its peak where his wife is now taking the position of a state permanent secretary without being there. Up till now, nigerians are still in darkness. What more evil can be done to our fatherland which GEJ has not done? He should think of interrupting his tenure instead of to think of ahead. Nigerians arte not stupid. The resent gubernetorial election result of Edo state is enough to let nigerians and pdp know that we are risen. Chief Anenih for the first time in his life could not pull majority in his ward.

  7. The one and only but major problem with GEJ is dat he does not know the call of his duty as a president of a Nation. Believe me, dat man is confused.

  8. A man that attended united nations anual summit and got drunk in his hotel room.what a president called gudluc jona…i feel sry 4 dis country.. our first lady is now a perm sec in a state wr she has contributed notin 2 d dev.of d state….

  9. so Mr. President u r indirectly telling us that u will put Nig. In a war so as to continue ruling. God pas u. Remember u can die as well


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