Obasanjo and Babangida: We’re Now Ready To Help Nigeria Fight Insecurity

On Sunday it was reported that the Former President Olusegun Obasanjo and his arch-rival, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, came together  to lament the security situation in Nigeria, saying that the loss of innocent lives was simply unbearable.

The joint statement of the main discuss is stated below…



Unfolding events in our dear motherland, Nigeria, over the last few years are threatening to unravel the nearly a century old labour of our founding fathers and subsequent generations in building a strong, united, peaceful nation that can accommodate and cater for the needs and aspirations of our diverse communities. Internecine crises are raging across the land unabated with damaging consequences on the social, political and economic life of the nation. And in the process untold hardships are being visited on all citizens in one form or another on a daily basis. The lost of innocent lives being experienced by the day across the nation is simply unbearable. Currently, the nation is gripped by a regime of fear and uncertainty that virtually all citizens have difficulties going about their normal day to day lives without great anxiety and trepidation. This cannot be allowed to continue!

A deeply worrying trend that is emerging from this terrible situation is that a pervasive cynicism is beginning to set in, so much so that millions of true Nigerian patriots are starting to question the platform upon which the unity of this country rests. This is simply untenable. The people of this country must not allow whatever sense of frustration, fear and despair we are experiencing now to supersede our hopes for a collective destiny which lies in our continued existence as a Nation. For us, and we believe for millions of other Nigerians, the continued unity of this nation is not only priceless but non-negotiable.

While we are very much aware of the efforts various governments in the country are making to confront the escalating security challenges across the country, we believe that it is time that these efforts are scaled up to be more involving and inclusive. In this regard, whatever robust security measures are put in place to contain the situation, as is normal in such circumstances, they must be complemented with an equally intensive process of community involvement. We therefore urge all governments in the country, starting with all the 774 local councils to comprehensively engage their communities at the various levels including: elders, youth organisation, trade union and associations, women bodies, the clergy and other community stakeholders. We also call on the Federal and States governments not only to encourage these grassroots engagements for peace and beneficial coexistence but should work out the framework to sustain the engagement. In all these efforts it is important to emphasise that our diversity is a course for celebration not a cause for lamentations.

As the Holy Month of Ramadan commences, Nigerians wherever they are and whatever religion they profess are accorded a great opportunity to turn the tide against insecurity, violence and hatred. Religious leaders, in particular, have an even greater challenge to use the immense virtues of this Holy period to inculcate among the millions of citizens the spirit of mutual respect, humility and forgiveness. Ample opportunities are therefore at hand to bring all armed belligerents to table for meaningful dialogue with the authorities for our future and that of our children and grandchildren.

Finally, we need to reiterate that no meaningful development can ever occur in an atmosphere of violence and hatred. History has shown that any society that is built on the structures of violence and intolerance cannot prosper. We need to appreciate that, God in His infinite mercy, has blessed our country with abundant resources and talents, but we need peace and harmony to harness them not just for our own wellbeing but also that of our children and grandchildren. We owe this future generations of Nigerians this much.

On our part, we are ready to do whatever is possible to promote the quest for peace and harmony. And are ready to join hands with all patriots to sustain and further enhance the unity and progress of this country. Thank you.

Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR.
Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, GCFR.


  1. The incompetent candidate of yours that you pushed to power by all means is the major cause of insecurity in Nigeria. The former governor of River state, Peter Odili who first showed interest for presidency for south-south, would have be better than this Jonathan whose legacy is to inflict hardship on Nigerians. Hike in fuel, number plates, driver’s licence, electricity tariff, demolition(rendering millions of Abuja residents homeles especially women and school children just because of selfishness ), poor and selective implementation of budget, wastage of resources both humans and materials(unemployment and 200 cars for first lady summit at #13.5m each), unbearable corruption, killing of innocent souls and many more expected. In fact, Nigerians are tired of this goverment. He should resign or be impeached. May God save, help and bless Nigeria and her helpless citizenry! Amen.

  2. If a leader addresses urgent issues with urgency, there will perhaps be no urgent and deep-seated problems. A well-calculated,committed and insightful leader is hardly too fast nor too slow in his response to a change and socio-administrative challenges. However, failure to respond at an appropriate time does not shy away a determined leader from his ultimate role of seeking salvation for his people. In a collective and objective opinion, the greatest man in Nigeria is neither Obasanjo/Babangida nor Jonah/Dangote. The strongest man of our country would be whoever singlehandedly and without further delay, pocket the menace of Boko Haram,create jobs for the jobless, teaming graduates/masses. Not the throwers or sponsors of violence ! The greatest man in Nigeria will build more unbreakable prisons than schools for crime perpetrators and /or for all corrupt leaders, politicians of our land. Yet, the greatest man is to emerge. The certificate is not being a General. The greatest man may be you or me !

  3. hope dis 2 ach rival this meeting 2gather is nt 4 their personal interest but 4 the country,because this country needs strong administration and help but this 2 who hv show personal interest do their best and not 4 their gains in other 2 help the country insecurity because Goodluck said we should 4get abt job and food but be caution of security,look at what a president of a country said
    my own concern is lets just think what is right 4 the country

  4. GEJ should be delivered from dat seat or d seat delivered from him. His mission should neva be seconded cos his vission has been exhausted. I hail him 4 his weaknesses cos it s not easy 2 see a weak president battling with tribal forces like boko haram, Babangida, Islamist critics, Buhari and old hackers like the House of Reps.
    I pray dat God send 2 our great nation a vissionary saviour lik Imo state Gov.~ Owelle Rochas Okorocha. He is the man who can lead Nigerians 2 a united font with his extra~ordinary charisma.

  5. A small child can build or set up a fire that a whole community may be unable to put out. One or two persons can plant or throw a bomb that a whole country and the throwers themselves cannot consequently control. Who is the greatest man in Nigeria ? The sponsors of violence and confussion ? Dangote ? Mr. Jonah ? The greatest man is yet to emerge. He would soon appear and build more unbreakable prisons than schools for the likes of those you can guess.