Boko Haram: We Have Reasons For All Our Activities, Thank Almighty Allah for attack on Sokoto,Zaria, Damaturu

The Boko Haram sect that had  claimed responsibility for the attacks on police formations in Sokoto had an email statement sent to journalists in Maiduguri, Borno state capital.

In the statement  said to have been signed by the sect’s spokesman, Abul Qaqa said

‘All praises goes to Almighty Allah. This is a very important message from the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad.

‘We wish to extend our profound gratitude to Almighty Allah for giving us the opportunity to fulfill the promise we made on launching spontaneous attacks in Sokoto. ‘We have reasons for all our activities and we only k*ll those who wronged us.

We attacked Sokoto because many of our brethren have been incarcerated there. We are gladdened by the successes we recorded at the office of the AIG in Marina and the police divisional office at Unguwan Rogo as well as the police station at Arkila.

‘We wish to reiterate that our crusade is not for personal gain; it is meant to ensure the establishment of an Islamic state by liberating all Muslims from the excesses of the infidels.

 We stroly believe that Almighty Allah will reward us with his famous paradise in the hereafter as he rightly said in chapter 9 verse 111 of the Holy Qur’an. ‘We want to stress that in our struggle, we only k*ll government functionaries, security agents, Christians and anyone who pretends to be a Muslim but engage in assisting security agents to arrest us’.

‘We wish to strongly warn people to desist from collaborating with security agents. The fact is that we are the warriors of the Almighty and even the security forces are finding it difficult to contain our activities. ‘We are also aware of the activities of some women who have been recruited to spy on us. This is a final warning to all of them.

By God, whenever we catch any woman spying on us, we would slaughter her like ram. ‘We are responsible for the attacks in Bauchi and at the residence of Namadi Sambo in Zaria as well as the one in Damaturu where we bombed a patrol vehicle.

‘We equally dealt a big blow on JTF operatives in Maiduguri who, out of frustration went back and k*lled innocent and defenceless citizens. ‘It is erroneous to say that we are klling Muslims. We do not k*ll innocent Muslims. The fact is the bottom line of our struggle is to set the Muslims free from enslavement. We only kill the unbelievers.


  1. U said d join task force (JTF) killd innocent souls both dose u are killing are not right? But u kill unsincere muslim and any impediments on ur way. U want to islamise a mixd country lk Nigeria that comprises of diffferent religious groups. This is a heinous act,pls stop it.

  2. Wot’s all thes nonsense?I tink one of d objectives of boko haram is to destroy d image of Islam(not possible).Islam teaches peace nt violence.They r only impersonatin us,dressing up,tryin 2 b us bt they r not.U can read d Quran urself 2 c if wat I’m saying is tru.Verily,d Quran teaches love nd peace.

  3. Wot’s all thes nonsense?I tink one of d objectives of boko haram is to destroy d image of Islam(not possible insha Allah).Islam teaches peace nt violence.They r only impersonatin us,dressing up,tryin 2 b us bt they r not.U can read d Quran urself 2 c if wat I’m saying is tru.Verily,d Quran teaches love nd peace.

  4. Please, I beg the writer of this article either you are a truly muslim or non-muslim who disguises himself under islam should leave islam alone. Islam does not preach violence and extremism, but it preaches peace, tolerant and oneness of Almighty Allah who created heaven and earth. Allah commanded prophet Muhammed(saw) to do islamic activities perfectly, sincerely and moderately.

  5. they are just heart human beings…. Ahh…. They want to change nigeria into islam country and den wat nxt… Stupid people .. Dont we c islam only country still dey kill dem selfs… Iran ,iraq, pakistan,afganistan….abi wch kind of revelation are they givin… Did God ask dem to help Him kill people? nd still coatin scripture for us…. Wat nonsense … So are dey can b operatin on shaira law…. Lord pls let ur kingdom come now… Nations rise against itself….hmmmmm

  6. Abul quaqa or whatever u call urself you are a coward y do u hide n fight? U claimed u fighting for God did God ask u to fight for? U deceive urself u can’t even smell paradise.d long arm of d law will catch u just like it caught and dealt with maitatsine in d 80’s.stop killing innocent nigerians enough is enough!

  7. If your cause is Just, come to the open and let there be a battle line drawn. Stop hiding, stop making people looking at you as HUMAN BEINGs and not the cowardly animals you are. You have no religious, Moral or Legal right to terminate a life you cannot create. If we subject ourselves to reason this Nation is the best place to. Live in. I have enjoyed my stay in GONIRI, YOBE until last week for over 7 years.

  8. I assure you cowards, your destruction is at hand! Why do you fight for allah? Is he a dead, armless&powerless god that cannot fight for himself? See how foolish you are! You will soon meet your waterloo.

  9. if u pple ar nva tought 2 kill, den wat is “Jihad” all about in islam, bcause God has never authorise any one 2 kill in any circumstances what so ever, one of d 10 commandment of God in d Bible says THOU SHALL NO KILL, u allah has instruct u pple 2 fight a holly war 4 him right ? killin who ever does not blive in ur satanic relligion called islam. it is already confirmed in d bible “Then the Lord said to me, Out of the north evil will come , bursting out on all the people of the land. Jeremiah 1 vs 14″ look u pple shuld stop hidin in ur shame n confussion. come iut frm darkness 2 d light of JESUS CHRIST D SAVIOUR OF D WORLD, God is ready 2 4giv u all frm all ur sin. dDONT SEND UR GENERATION 2 HELL !

  10. Islam not only degenrates the muslims, it also harms all non- muslims. We really pity the christians, hindus, buddhists, bahai living in islam dominated countries or places. Islam is madness or disease. Dont let muslims ruin the western world. Just like saudi arabia make a rule that no muslim can be citizen, no mosque will be allowed and muslims can come to west and go after working for some time, but not more than 3-4 years. When muslims will go home after seeing the development and peace in western world, they would start questioning islam and there society and they will be the catalyst in shaping and eliminating islam from the societies. I think western leaders should take step to protect us from islam and dont encourage this barbaric culture in western world. The brave apostates from muslim world will not have any place to go and live a good islam free life. Also in UN western countries should lobby that if in muslims countries if more than 1 % become apostate then muslim countries should give that much land for the apostate and best would be to start building a apostate country in middle east. May be best would be collect all christians, hindu, bahai from middle east and form a new country in between. The christians of Iraq are also ethnically cleansed, let a new small country be formed in iraq and NATO give them protection.

  11. Mohammad was a terrorist and following his footsteps the Muslims are also terrorists.These terrorists have got to be confronted head on.In stead of being burnt alive by these animals called Muslims,there is no choice for the Christian but to get united and arm theselves and defend themselves.Just as Israelies being only 5 millions as compared to 300 muslim Arabs has defeated and killed them every time,It is not difficult to defend against these coward Muslims.They have been defeated each time by India and I hope India destroys this cowardly counry and take it back what belonged to them and send these mad Muslims to Arabia.They are the scum of this world and will never learn and change.The only language the Muslims understad is brutal force.Pakistans days seems numbered.It will not be long before it breaks up and goes into oblivion.

  12. I agree with your views. Muslims created Pakistan for their survival but now they are threat to survival of secular India. Muslims always say in Hindi, ‘has ke liya hai Pakistan, ladd ke lenge Hindustan’, that means We had taken Pakistan smiling, but will conquer India or Hindustan by fighting. India muslims are the biggest threat to secular India. They are like cancer to our society. May Lord take them and Rest them In Pieces becoz they cant rest in peace.

  13. What we read and what is reported is just a drop in an ocean of injustices and violence against the Christian communities, mostly in and around Lahore. (I was a free-lance reporter there.) The law does nothing to protect Christians and Christians have no legal recourse, nor will the national press report on their trials and the destruction of their villages, the rapes of their women, the beatings and killings of their men. Any time there ids a slight in the world against Islam: The Pope says something Muslims don’t like, cartoons of Mohammed, Salmen Rushdie gets knighted, an American soldier supposedly drops a Koran in the toilet, et al, the Islamic gangs of Lahore attack the Christian villages. Only an international reporter, at risk of life, will get the news out. If caught, he could suffer some very serious blowback in the form of being kicked out of the country, death threats, and being beaten by thugs. Though I was mostly reporting on politics, I did take an interest in the Christian communities around Lahore. I was threatened on several occasions

  14. Fellow Christian brothers, why cant you seek for knowledge about your religion and the religion of Islam before you condemn Islam and Muslim. Are you 100% sure that you are on the right track? For your information, WE MUSLIMS BELIEVE, THAT JESUS WAS ONE OF THE MIGHTIEST MESSENGERS OF GOD, THAT HE WAS THE CHRIST, THAT HE WAS BORN MIRACULOUSLY – WITHOUT ANY MALE INTERVENTION (which many modern-day Christians do not believe today), THAT HE GAVE LIFE TO THE DEAD BY GOD’S PERMISSION, AND THAT HE HEALED THOSE BORN BLIND AND THE LEPERS BY GOD’S PERMISSION, IN FACT NO MUSLIM IS A MUSLIM IF HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN JESUS! so the Muslims are more with Jesus Christ than the so-called Christians! who are ignorant of their religion and the religion of Islam. The Bible say: “Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good” (I Tessalonians 5:21) Jesus Christ (AS) is a human being just like Prophet Adam the first man created by ONLY ONE GOD. There are a lot of evidences in the Christian’s Bible that can prove that Jesus is NOT God but a Messenger to the “…. lost sheep of Israel.” (Matthew 10:5-6, 15:21-24, 19:28), (Mark 15:34, 12:29) (John:5:30-31) and many more. Seek the Truth about Islam and you shall find it. IT IS THE ONLY TRUE RELIGION ON EARTH!!!

  15. @islam an enemy 2 PEACE, which version of the Bible are you Quoting? King James version or New International version or American standard version or Orhodox version or Jehovah Witness version or 73 Books of Romon catholic church or 66 Books of Protestant church, please answer me before i reply you.

  16. confuise pple, even satan d grand master n author of islam even knows d bible perfectly, den he riped of d words of God in d bible n write his book turnin d word of God upside down n gave u his followers of islam a novel readin book called quran 2 desieve nations like his islamic followers makin dem anti-christ. LOOK DO U KNW WY CHRISTIANS LOVE GOD N HIS WORDS IN D BIBLE SO SO MUCH? HE REAVELED JUST EVERY THING FOR US 2 B AWARE! DATS Y WE AR NOT SUPRICE N NOT AFRAID AT ALL. U CAN DESTROY D FLESH BUT HALLELUYAH 2 D MOST HIGH GOD OUR SOUL LIVED A LIFE BEEN BORN AGAIN IN CHRIST TILL DEATH. muslim may kill but d Gospel must reach evry nook n hole of dis world, n may in bondage of satnic islam n others wil b saved. Jesus Christ said 2 us GO YEE IN 2 D WORLD N PREACH D GOSPEL, let him dat has ear here. HAD I KNOW WIL B IN D MOUTH OF NATIONS ON D LAST DAY LIKE ISLAM. u ar disobeyin ur master satan ur allah d author of islam n u said u blive in JUSUS CHRIST under ur master satan’s unbrella ? double punishment 4 u all. COME OUT FROM UR BLINDNESS N LOSS N COME 2 JESUS CHRIST D LIGHT N SAVIOUR OF D WORLD N B SAVED. He is ready 2 4giv n wash away ur sins as white as snow n make u satnic muslims a new creation of God In Christ. Many has been saved from muslim n ar now an ambassador 4 Jesus Christ. u tink they ar mad? know bcos dey realize how lost dey ar in sinful satanic islam, n seek 4 d help of Jesus Christ 2 conquer satan n his agents like mohamed a vessel of satan used as an instrument 2 decieve u all muslims. not knwin dat d allah u blive in is satan. he is comparin his self wt God. satan vow 2 God dat he wil decieve nation dat will turn against God n serve him, dat dey wil perish in hell wt him(satan). d Bible says NOT ALL DAT CALL MY NAME WILL INHERIT D KINGDOM OF GOD. also said NATIONS SHAL PERISH IN HELL. like muslim n hindu etc devilish islamic nations dont wory, time shal come wen God wil separete d grass frm d leaves U PPLE PRAY JESTURE TO UR ALLAH N ANSWER D PRAYERS U’VE PRAID BY URSELF BY KILLIN IN D NAME OF HOLY WAR CALLED JIHAD CHRISTAINITY IS A LIFE N RULE ORDAINED BY GOD 4 D WORLD 2 LIVE AS A DEVINE LIFESTYLE, FOLLOWED N OBAYED. IT IS NOT A RELIGION. N HAS BEEN IN EXISTANCE 4 CENTURIES B4 D DEVIL DESIDED 2 TERRORISE D WORLD N CHRISTAINS BY FORMING his ANTY-CHRIST RELIGION CALLED islam through a vessel terrorist called mohammed n others 2 decieve u all satanic islamic nations. “ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE 2 ISLAM BROTHERHOOD, BUT A TERRORISTS 2 D WORLD” HELL AWAITS ALL OF U IF U DONT GIV UR LIFE 2 JESUS CHRIST NOW!!! many hav bn saved frm d satanic islam, bcos dey seek 4 light of Jesus Christ, n He came break n saved dem from d bondage of d satanic religion called islam, n overcom satan n his agents mohammed. now they ar ambassador 4 Jesus Christ. HALLELUYAH!!! devil has decieve u nations of islam n use u all as an instrument 2 fulfil d prophecy of persecution n tribulation 2 christianity. it has been in record dat christian has bn killed by devilish rligious muslim sinece islamic exitance til date. THANK GOD 4 HIS WORD IN D BIBLE, HE MADE US 2 EVEN FORE SEE D FEATURE. it is a joy n victory 4 d muslims 2 take a life dat detest d life of a satanic relligion called islam. CHRISTIANS DONT KNOW RETALIATION OR VENGANCE. BCOS GOD SAYS IN D BIBLE. I wil avange 4 u. vengance is of d Lord. u devilish religious muslims kp readin d Bible as u want n kp decievin confusin n convincin urself as u want. GOD’S WORDS IN D BIBLE IS YES N AMEN!!! D gospel has come in 2 ur bedroom, its unavoidable… REPENT N B BORN AGAIN. SALVATION IS FREE!!!

  17. It is now clear that you and all your fellow members are stark illiterates and not scholars of Islam. Go and study the history of propagation of Islam when the pagan leaders of Mecca wanted to annihilate the disciples of Prophet Mohammed and pursued them to Abyssinia. Mohammed S.A.W was the one that told his disciples to flee to Abyssinia that there the christian king would protect them. And the King protected them when the pagan leaders came to see him to hand over the disciples. The king told them, he would not hand them over after he had asked the disciples what they say about Christianity and they said the “Angel Gabriel appeared to the virgin Mary ……..” which was same with Christianity doctrine. He decreed the disciples can settle in Abyssinia and thus ISLAM grew! Now some illiterates are claiming their struggles include killing Christians? Its just shows Islam is not an enlightened religion or else these Boko Haram boys will know that if the Christian king of Abyssinia did not protect Islam, there will be no Islam today!

  18. Jacob hamed u hv spoken wel and tans dat u read bible eventhough to defend ur beleive but i want evry body to knw dat if God u guy called Allah send muhammed as a mesange to him dsame send Jesus as a mesange to him too why diversity? Al i knw in d bible is dat Jesus sald dat he dat is not against us is 4 us. And also, among al d prophet or messange God send to d world, non of dem boldly sald dat he is son od GOD but Jesus did u can see clearly dat in many verse of d scripure where he spoke himself in john 8:58 dat he was b4 Abraham to show dat he is with his father and call he dat sent him father in chapter 6:26-58 if u can hv time to read it, dis just view verse 4 u. Thirdly no no prophet or mesanger dat sald he wil be with us 4life but Jesus sald it sêe mathet28:20. Inadditiön, dia is many prophetic declearation of his birth and surfering b4 he came but to other even moses nothing was writting concern b4 dey came. We only here dat God ure dam dat is why u must beleive him. He love u, see isaiah53:1-5. And to my able christain, see hebrew2:1-3. Pls repent to avoid condemmination at hell. Love u all. 9ja 4 Jesus

  19. The people JTF killed are innocent peoplle what of the innocent boys you engage in commiting succide bombing in the name of making paradise. Tell them the truth that as they are going straight to hell fire to dine with the devil. And all your collquqe who has vow not to leave people, police, soilder in peace wilol die a terrible death. If it is sweet why dont go and commit the sucide bombing your self. but life is sweet for you. BOKO Haram. But everything you use is made of western Education. IDiots and Illitrates. (Devil Pupil)

  20. All the comments are just indicating, you people don’t know that, islam is a VIRUS. Its cure has not been detected, if not, they’ll not be killing innocent people, in the name of fighting for Allah. Allah has never commanded anybody, to fight for him. Moreso, Nigeria is a bi-religious nation. Doesn’t it sound crazy, when these MANIACS are claiming they want to make “her” a muslim contry? If they don’t want to repent of their sins, God Almighty shall crush them in ANGER and they will die for all the killings of all the innocent lives they’ve taken.

  21. boko haram are cowards hiding like rats they should come out and fight like men or have they lost their manhood,they hide like chickens because they know they are nothing.i am a muslim but the truth is that islam is a religion of force and pretence.check it out any country that has muslims will know no peace

  22. All blame goes to Nigeria govnt.who refuse to state d problem b4 findn solutn 2 it…evrybody knw dt dis is religious figth & until we see it so,it can be solve…it is clear dt Islam is a evil religion from satan hm self just 2 distroy d work of God.d ten commandment was stated by God 2 Moses,which tel us not 2 kill any soul (even our enemy),not 2 furnicate/adultary(i.e 2 stay with one partner),love ur naighbour as ur self (love everybody even ur enemy).. Mohommed which muslim’s follow goes against al ds commandment…firstly he kill many people in d war during his live time just bcos of dr satanic jihad..secoundly he marry many wife, and teach his follower 2 do d same, 2 kill dr oppositn and marry 4 dr sinful pleasure. dt is why God kill his 6 children in a day…then satan what 2 use him 2 clean his mistake (of crusify Jesus Christ) dt is why Mohommed say Jesus is not d 1 dt die on d cross…satan is happy on u dt called ur self muslim..4 he knows he has ur soul……dt is why no muslim country can be peaceful.Iran, Pakinstan. Syria, Egypt etc. even dt is why in all Nigeria north is tag with crisis..for dy are made out of sinful act called jihad…..

  23. you people are very stupid,useless ,worthless and insane.what give u the prove that islam is d true religion ,this belive of a thing is probability.EVEN THE PROPHET MUHAMMED DID NOT FIGHT HIS ENEMY,THEY ATTACK HIM FIRST BEFORE HE WAGE HIS WAR.U ARE A DISGRACE TO ISLAM.

  24. Hope Abu Qada whatever u called urself is reading this. U are all satanists to destroy Islam. Where in the quran u were told there is compulsion in Islam? May Almighty Allah (swt) punish you and your sponsors. If I had not understand Islam as a great religion, I wld av converted. But thank God, that I understand the religion not because I was born into it but my research and thr God’s understanding.

    May God Almighty burns you and your satanists on earth till the hell fire if u don’t repent.


  25. To all dt av been condemning Islam, believing in western worlds, if not for this stupid sects that will burn right from earth, what nerve will u have to condemn Islam. Even your leaders wouldn’t have bcos they do understand but I can only blame ur utterances on ur ignorance abt Islam and the western world u claimed.
    Every religions have their own internal dispute but fire up through the power that ctrl the wealth. I believe ‘Boko Haram’ glamourously claimed is sponsored by satanists to create hatred toward ISLAM and bring more souls to a religion not even named in the holy book they claimed to believe in. They use the same name with different version of holy books, and each of their followers claim theirs is right “DIFFERENT VERSION OF HOLY BOOK FROM ONE SOURCE” WHAT A CONFUSION BUT MY OWN GOD IS NOT A GOD OF CONFUSION.
    My God must av a name for his religion in His truly Holy Book, cos he is perfect. I searched all holy books finding the name of his religion, I found none except one ISLAM in QURAN and the followers are called different name not Islamists, Muhammadists but MUSLIMS. May be my research has been biased, keep my mouth shut by telling me where “CHRISTIANITY ” is named in the BIBLE if not been deduced by elites or philosophers of that time from the word “CHRISTIAN” follower of “CHRIST” the anointed one.
    You talked about Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Israel and the like.



  26. Xtains are the reason the worlds so fucked up!! They burned, stoned, pressed, drowned, hung, and beat to death anyone who opposed them. And now they bash homosexuals, kill abortion doctors and bomb women’s clinics. Ect I am not Muslim, but the Muslim people of the world have never done anything to me! I could give less of a fuck about 9 11. I and my husband a Vetran were homeless at the time, this country Shit on my husband! User him like a condom then threw him away when he was no longer useful. I asked the Churches for help, I got a ham samdwich. Fuck xtains and fuck the U.S. I wasnt even born here!