Pastor E.A Adeboye talks on retirement

The article culled from the Open Heavens annual publication of Monday October 3rd, 2011, Daddy Adeboye, as he’s fondly called wrote about ‘The True Face of Retirement”.

He said God has so much to give to man, and the spirit man has so much space to be filled by God…..”Sometimes, when I see some of our elders retiring, I shake my head because contrary to what they think, it is only the beginning for them. Retirement actually means more time to pray all night since you are not going to the office in the morning.

“The greatest literally work done by John the Beloved was the Book of Revelation – a revelation he got while banished on the Island of Patmos. If God allows me to retire, I would sit at His feet daily and learn from Him, receive revelations and pour these into books for generations unborn. This way, by His grace, I could produce a book every month until he calls me home.”



  1. Pastor E.A Adeboye(daddy GO)has fondly called has been committed to his calling,by obeying God doing his work.
    Without no doubt billions has be saved,restored,healed,delivered,not only that,those that are nothing,have become somebody,those that are hopeless have been hopeful,diverse of miracles,testimonies had emerged,etc.
    those who want daddy G.O retire,must pray for him for more strenght to carry these work.those that are daddy G.O ememies and that are are jealous should have a change of heart.
    moses in the bible,lived 120years and the recorded despite the fact moses was 120years he was still active and strong.Joshua that succeeded moses the son of nun was 110years old when he die,and he was strong.
    So people that want pastor E.A Adeboye retire should pray for more strenght for him,long life to do the work more and effective,daddy G.O is just 70years,let the people pray for him,for more long life,like moses,joshua in the bible.