PHOTO – Man Marries three Wives in Church in one Day

The truth about this marriage is that it was ordained by a pastor in Zaire in the Republic of Congo, who quoted from the same Bible we all use, and declared these ones man and wives.

The questions behind such an event seem to be numerous as many Nigerians seem to be confused on why such an occurrence should exist in a church.

The more complicated confusion is borne out of the fact that this kind of marriage looks and sounds like another strain of polygamy in its own realm.

If it was a competition, or better still the Olympics, this man has definitely made name, but our own Fela Anikulapo Kuti would still be revered as a record keeper.


  1. This is the devil’s work through his agents in the christian fold. All we need to do is to get prepare for worst to happen. You as christians, pls be ready for Christ’s coming.
    (Ayo ni o)

  2. Trying to think of A̶̲̥̅̊ reasonable explanation. Hmm. Maybe he married dem successively cos obviously one of dem Ȋ̝̊̅§ old,then his pastor preached about marrying properly and he decided to correct his mistake by marrying aall of dem since he cant divorce any of dem.

  3. The truth is that our christian leaders have deviated completely from the teachings of the Bible. Every preacher now interprets the verses of the Bible to suit his selfish whims and caprices. Sometimes I wonder where did it all go wrong. We know have churches that marry homosexuals, lesbians and polygamy kind of marriage. I once read in a magazine that there is a church in d US where worshippers attend service in the nude. What’s wrong with us. Someone, pls help me. Am confused.

  4. I’ve read too about the “Church” where worshippers come nude to worship. @John Ada don’t be confused; it’s the sign of end times including Boko Haram, “Church” of Satan, nation fighting against nation, joining of lesbians, homosexuals, and so on. Let’s be getting set, it seem the imminent second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is by the corner. Please believers be prepared.

  5. Our church leaders are working just 4 rich men & no more 4 God as it used 2 be . Observe de dey talk 2 dis set of pple in deir churches. Dis man must rich dat why was weded wt three wives in de church