Picture Of Tinubu Bowing To Buhari

Even though the actual event leading to this particular historical BOW couldn’t be locked as at now, the performance is one that causes one to analyse things in retrospect, or better still to ask questions that may sound more ironic judging by the unavailability of the answer. What do you think this is about?



  1. Anyone who hastily thinks and concludes that what Jagaba did is wrong, or he should have instead insulted Buhari,is not better than a goat feeding on the grass, nor is she/he wiser than a pig feeding on excreta. Is humility a crime to a man who has gained much from being polite ? No tribe is inferior to other, and this is a personal issue. Jagaba is not a king but a reputable chief noted for wisdom, humility, leadership quality and energetic posture . E je a soro sibi torowa !